which ps4 games most looking forward to for 2014

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I want the most MGS phantom pain,then watch dog,drive club,the order 1888, tennis game,mad max, the next uncharted,war thunder,whatever Rockstar makes (which I know may not see for 3-4 yrs from now and a great RE game. Then another full yr where all the sports games look unreal.

I think it was a mistake to not make a sequel to heavy rain.I admit I watched the Movie beyond two souls on YouTube for free.

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InFamous Second Son and The Order for sure..

I'll probably get MGS 5 and Watch Dogs on PC.

I hope Naughty Dog is done with Uncharted.. After the awesome The Last of Us I would love to see Naughty Dog just pump out unique new IPs..

Random comment about Quantic Dream.

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Infamous SS, Witcher 3, Destiny, Thief, Watch_Dogs and The Order 1866 are the main ones. Going to be an epic year I think!

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If the Oder is good then that.


Tom Clancy's I forgot the name

and MGS5

thats all I can think of.

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Infamous Second Son

The Witcher 3 (possibly)

Watch Dogs

Drive club

The Evil Within

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@MethodManFTW: first I want to see uncharted just because I will love to see what u can do on a new system. Uncharted has so many things can be done for it since its an adventure game with exploration. Then to see the major graphic improvement etc. Now if naughty dog can't think of a great storyline for uncharted then I would leave the series alone

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The Division is looking pretty good as is Destiny.

I know nobody wants it now, but I still think Elder Scrolls Online is going to be pretty good.

The Order also seems interesting, but I'll need to see at least a gameplay demo before getting hyped for it.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Destiny, The Order 1886, Infamous Second Son and assuming they come in 2014, SW Battlefront and Left 4 Dead 3.

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Watch Dogs, Driveclub, inFamous and Dragon Age: Inquisition

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MGSV, the new Quantic Dream game and Witcher. FTW

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MGS5 is probably my most fav game coming next year if it is coming next year. but really there isn't any i can think of, i think after the holidays we will here alot more games coming out for the end of the year, we still haven't heard off alot of the main developers yet and we know they are working on titles for the ps4.

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ops, forgot to add next gen PES and Destiny

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The Order 1866, Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom pain, Infamous Second Son, Destiny These are the games I am looking forward to for PS4 in 2014. Also Kigdom Hearts 3. But that is a ways off 2016 is the earliest for this game. But 2014 looks good thus far.

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infamous second son the order 1866 thief the witcher 3 dragon age 3 and i hope final fantasy 15 and MGS5

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Infamous, MGSV, The hors d'oeuvre: 1886, SW: Battlefront and Destiny will do nicely.

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MGSV, Infamous Second son, Drive club, The Crew, Watch dogs, The division

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I am definitely in the minority here, but I am really looking forward to Rime. It looked like a mis-match of Ico and Journey both of which I enjoyed.

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the witness is probably the one i'm most looking forward to.

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There are really too many. There are games releasing next year for PS4 that have yet to be announced that I'll probably be excited for.

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The Division

Dragon Age


The Order

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I forgot to add fallout 4 to my list. But I do hope it comes out in 2014.

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@marcheegsr said:

I forgot to add fallout 4 to my list. But I do hope it comes out in 2014.

it's not exactly confirmed at this point

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i forget watch dogs evil within

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For announced games, there's only one that interests me and that's inFAMOUS Second Son. It's one of the very few Sony exclusive franchises I really enjoy.

As for unannounced titles, whatever Rocksteady is working on has my interest. They produced what I consider to be the greatest game of last gen (Batman Arkham City) and have earned a ton of my respect as developers.

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Whatever Naughty Dog is working on

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The Division

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@_Judas_: @_Judas_: @_Judas_: I think division could be a very good game.

Has anyone had issues seeing the forum on PC since the new gamespot website has been done? I even noticed the text are squeezed on top of each other and hard to navigate. The MAC doesn't seem to have as many issues but the forum and sometimes not even on the website to use.

I also had issues just entering this msg on my macbook pro.

I am getting pumped with PS4 coming out and knowing the controller is at Gamestop already and I am constantly calling to see when one of the stores will have the Kiosk for PS4. I want to get my hands on the system. I am still disappointed with drive club and Watchdog not coming out but it is what it is. I am still suspicious that Watch dog could come out at launch but since Assassin Creed is from ubisoft it was a financial decision. Drive Club wasn't a surprise it didn't come out since you can tell when games aren't ready when there aren't a lot of exposure. Watchdog had crazy exposure and I believe the game is done but they would make more money releasing it after the holidays when it will be the best game out during that time. It has turn me off from wanting to know anything more about the game but i probably will still get it at release.

NBA2k 14 looks phat and I will be excited for the first time in yrs for a sports game. I believe nba live will be crap again and its a abomination with it being abandoned on the current gen and EA still can't get it right. The only good thing about nba live is that it gives competition to NBA 2k14 to continue to excel and not get complacent. Madden is a concern also on the next gen since i barely have seen any videos on the game and trailers aren't going to cut it. By next week if Madden isn't ramping up exposure i have a sinking suspicion that it will not be any good. This is what happens when Madden bought out NFL 2k which was becoming better than Madden from yrs ago. I even doubt if Madden next gen was made from the ground up like NBA2k 14.

I also want to see gameplay videos, previews of war thunder. I miss a good war airplane fighter type game. I see this game is a launch title but is this a former PC game converted to the consoles?

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Couldn't have said it better myself )

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None, all third party games I'll buy on the PC and there are no worthwhile exclusives yet, just have to wait until E3 I guess...

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Infamous, Naughty Dog's next game, Media Molecule's next title and The Order: 1886 will all probably be great. I also cannot wait to see what Ratchet is like in 2015. There is no doubt that a new Ratchet game will be released alongside of the movie in 2015. If Timesplitters Rewind comes out, then I will definitely be looking forward to that.

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Witcher 3, Dragon Age, Infamous, The order and finally anything Naughty dag makes.

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Final Fantasy XV