which of the top three fps will u get first for the ps4

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just wondering what fps is the best for ps4, killzone battlefield 4 or call of duty???

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I have all 3 on PS4, and while I haven't tried the single player for BF4 or CoD yet I would have to think that they're better than killzone. I've never wanted to sell a game so quickly after buying it. It's just boring and the multiplayer feels like it's tried to copy halo and gears of war.

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BF4 gets my vote.

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Once I get a PS4, of those, I only plan on getting/playing Killzone SF. I've played all the others, it's a decent franchise, and I might as well play a PS4 exclusive to start with. I've lost interest with FPS overall though, and I avoid Call of Duty and Battlefield now.

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Killzone Shadow Fall

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I actually have COD Ghost and KZ Shadowfall

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If I had to pick one, then Battlefield, but I will get COD also

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BF 4 has been a blast so far, some irritating moments in singleplayer, but very fun for the most part

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I got all 3 at the same time.

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@clr84651 said:

I got all 3 at the same time.

like a boss

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I got all three games, but for different consoles.

- Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4)

- Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)

- CoD Ghosts (Xbox One)

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BF4 is my first choice of those three although when I do get a PS4 in a years time, BF5 or Bad Company 3 could be announced and I might wait for one of those. Would get Killzone and skip Dog of Duty.

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killzone SF HALO 5 half life 3

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bf4 is good for its multiplayer if you like the destructibility, driving tanks and flying attack helicopters but i wasnt impressed with the campaign. and being more into single player than multiplayer that definitely hurts the game for me. its a short campaign but thats not even my main problem with it. its just boring with a lame story. its obvious they just tacked it onto a primarily multiplayer game so take that for what its worth to you.

killzone has a better campaign in my opinion. ive read some hate posts about it but ive always liked kz games so i could appreciate it a little more.

i havent liked cod since cod4 so i didnt even bother with ghosts. i might check it out used sometime down the road if i find it cheap.

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Purchased Battlefield 4 and KZ SF. Haven't been disappointed. Great games.