where is mgs ground zero on psn+ gamespot?

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I really don't care who can answer this but where are any ps4 updates but most importantly mgs ground zero digital pre-order?

I have been doing some research and eurogamer states it took 78 min to finish main campaign. Everyone that has played it says it takes way shorter than 2 hrs. Konami rep took 18 min knowing all the tricks.

I still want the game but I expect the fun will be playing the game multiple times and all the ways to finish.

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Maybe someone already mention this but I noticed ground zero available on ps3. When in the hell are they adding it for ps4? If the ps4 isn't available before release of game do we still get the bonus for phantom pain?

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I think Konami and SCEA are having some kind of problem, as Ground Zeroes pre-orders are still not available on PSN in EU. Searching the store still comes up with 0 results.

The weekly store update should be happening about now anyway. So it could appear sometime in the next couple of hours. Otherwise, try again tomorrow.

The pre-order bonuses related to Phantom Pain should be fine. As for the free digital copy of Peace Walker HD, I believe that is with the PS3 version pre-order only.


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@Lhomity: the psn store in US was updated yesterday. I hope u are right that a update is today.

There has been poor advertisement of the game for purchase besides kojima self promotion. I guess he figure he isn't going to spend a lot on ads but word a mouth so that he can recoup as much money fir konami since quarter financial losses.

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@Lhomity: now I see eurogamer article on the pre-order with peacewaljer he. I never played peacewalker but I have played all the other mgs games on ps3.

Like I said bad advertising of ground zero and just a debacle in general with changing the price and confusiin with what is ground zero to phantom pain.

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i am not paying full price for a game that can be played through in 20 minutes. Even if it is 40 bucks

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@The_Last_Ride: i dont know where you been but the game has dropped to $30 for ps4.

I just can't believe psn wasn't updated until today due to technical issues although on Monday psn+had a service update. Now ps3 ground zero is ready for pre-order according to ign but still nothing for ps4 version.

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@The_Last_Ride: It's a non-linear game with about 10 hours of content. For half the price of most games.

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isn't it 40 for retail? Anyways, 2 hour story for that is not good enough for me tbh

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@The_Last_Ride said:

isn't it 40 for retail? Anyways, 2 hour story for that is not good enough for me tbh

no. its $30 for retail. the price for the retail version was lowered. http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-3-metal+gear+solid+v+ground+zeroes,28zu0

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Since psn+ has decided to not have add the digital preoder of ground zero on ps4 I just went to gamestop to preorder. I didnt spend money because I had a preorder for watchdog fully paid off. So I split the preorders. I know the retail copy has a cool art pic on the back of the cover. I didn't do it for that reason but for the content transferring from ground zero to phantom pain . I am not sure if u don't preorder if u get the DLC content with building the mother base etc.

It baffles me why no one is in a uproar with psn+.not including the ps4 digital preorder. I seriously doubt the preorder will be included by this Monday but if preorder will be included on psn+ then it should be too late to be considered a pre-order. The game will be out already. My issue with psn+ is so many content for coming soon games that really don't have release dates. Or if they do have release dates they aren't coming out until end of the year like The order 1886 and the pool game which who knows when that is coming out.

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It would've been nice if PS4 did get it for free next month for PSN+.

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@Young_Charter: probably not next month, but i do see it coming this year. maybe late summer

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@planbfreak4eva said:

@Young_Charter: probably not next month, but i do see it coming this year. maybe late summer

I see the same for probably Knack or KZ Shadow Fall.

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So u guys are clowning me expecting a free mgs ground zero from psn+