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The P4 is just like the PS3 but the difference is the P4 is called next Gen the 360 and the P4 have the same games same resolution I bought a PS3 in a glorified P4 shell. I wish I would have held on until they actually make a kick ass exclusive Game, I admit Killzone was a good game with PS3 graphics. C'mon guys we made you guys Billionaires breaking a trillion dollars and could we get some great exclusive games so are money is actually worth summer I feel I got butt jammed for my 1,500 for both XONE and P4 plus 7games. I cant believe it been 6 months and haven't puked out a good game. You should have had your games at launch ready to take down the other. I Its like they dont care they have a chunk of change stashed and they don't care. Actually I'm pissed because my PS3 and 230 get more play than my expensive bricks

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It's only been 6 months. Games take time to develop. They don't just magically appear out of thin air.

The Order: 1886, Driveclub, Uncharted 4, Deep Down, and more exclusives are on the way. More will be announced at E3 and possibly TGS.

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Bad Grammar ate all the good games.

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Can someone translate what TC said into English?

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I believe i just witnessed the destruction of the English Language by the TC. WTF is he saying:/?

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And, here, our English Literature professor once said that no one could leave the classroom, let alone passing the course, before learning how to properly pronounce "shire".

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Another "This console I bought at launch doesn't have enough games! What's going on here?" thread.

Humans. I'll never ****ing understand them.

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@Floppy_Jim: Excuse me Mr.... Um, Mr. Flo... Floppy Jim... are you no.... are you not human Sir?

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@BattleSpectre said:

@Floppy_Jim: Excuse me Mr.... Um, Mr. Flo... Floppy Jim... are you no.... are you not human Sir?

No. I am part toad, part wolf.

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@Floppy_Jim: You must get all the girls.

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@BattleSpectre: You know it http://i.imgur.com/CubQa.png

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Perfect opportunity to deploy the "Negative. I am a meat popsicle" line, failed. ;(

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TC, member since 2007 and only 3 posts? Welcome back from wherever the hell it is you've been!

Now, go learn some patience or come back in another 7 years to complain about the PS5.

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Every consoles first year starts off slow, it's a given and if you can't accept that then stop needlessly complaining cause it's gonna end badly.

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@GTR12 said:

Can someone translate what TC said into English?

"The system has been out for 6 months, yet I demand games that usually take 3 or more years in development to come out now!!!!"

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lol....I don't know where to start because everybody's comments where priceless! LMAO

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There are a lot of great games out already. I liked Resogun and AC IV a lot. But if you want something new, then you have to wait. Games take years to develop... Watch Dogs. Destiny, Dragon Age, etc are all coming this year alone... Stop moaning

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I understand your thread title, and while yes, as everyone has said, it takes many years to create the KICK A$$ GAMES we all want to play, but I agree with your sentiment. Pretty lackluster launch window line up.. Though every console I can think had a pretty weak launch line up save for a couple Nintendo consoles. If you think this launch window was bad look at the PS3s...

Great games will get here, it just takes time. This year still has some bangers to come though.. Watch Dogs looks pretty dope, Destiny looks dope, Evolve looks amazing to me.

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Watch Dogs is coming out soon.

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I do not see where the system lacks games. There is quite a bit available for only being out 6 months. Knack, Resogun, and Infamous are fun. You could also try Mercenary Kings, Killzone, and Thief. The software is better than what was out in the same time frame for 360 and PS3. Anybody who says that there are no games on next generation systems either has limited tastes or is not looking hard enough. If you are looking for games that show the true power of the console, then you will be disappointed. Most developers are still developing games with PS3 and 360 in mind. You should not have bought the system if nothing interests you.

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I know of 2 good ones coming May 9th (Bound By Flame) & May 20th (Wolfenstein The New Order)