When will the last P3 update be?

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Was the last update the final update? If not, do you have any idea if there will be another, when it will be, or what it will contain? I'd really love for them to fix the fucking Call of Duty 4 error so I could play it again too...

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By p3 update you mean ps3? No way that the updates will stop anytime soon.

They still haven't fixed call of duty 4? "sigh" I want to rebuy this game, its so cheap and because it was on the best cod and I have all the dlc saved.

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sony isn't responsible for game patches unless they own the developer that made that game but sony doesn't own activision or infinity ward so it isn't sony's responsibility to fix call of duty 4. that responsibility is activision's and infinity ward's and they won't fix call of duty 4 because it is 7 years old and hacked to hell. as for when the last ps3 update will be, i don't know. i don't work for sony.

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Legend says nobody knows. Apparently it's a secret that no one has unravelled yet.

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I dunno mate