When will Resogun be removed from PS+?

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I'm getting a PS4 on X-Mas, I'll set up PS+ on X-Mas or the day after, I'm hoping I'll still get Resogun for free, is there a specific day the games change each month?

I'm afraid I'll set up PS+ a few days late and lose out on Resogun.

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Just set it up now and add it to your list now online with a computer

The rentals can be selected from a computer even if you don't own the hardware.

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I don't think they have announced a date yet for when they plan on removing it, but I'd imaine that they will leave it up for a while just do the limited amount of PSN titles for the PS4 currently that aren't free to play. So they want to entice people to purchase the Plus membership, and they don't have that many "free" games to offer.

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Sony announced ... "From 8th January 2014 PlayStation 4 owners get survival game Don't Starve, created by Shank and Mark of the Ninja developer Klei Entertainment."

They always announce what is leaving PS+ also, and since they mentioned nothing, I imagine nothing.

Also what topher78714 said. There are only 3 games in instant collection so I think they will keep them and add for now.

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Just go to the SCEA website, you can get Resogun and Contrast there. When you get your PS4 and sign into your PS+ account, it will show up in your downloads.

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It will likely be in there for a while. I'm positive you won't have to worry about it being removed within the next week. Games tend to stay in the Instant Games Collection for months, and as far as I know they give a pretty generous timeframe as to when games will be leaving the Collection. Don't worry about activating PS+ until you have your PS4 set up and everything, there's no need to waste days of membership like that.

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I think it's part of the Instant Game Collection for the PS4, so I doubt it'll go anytime soon.