When Does The Playstation Store Update?

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#1 Posted by J_Ford (2206 posts) -

I was just wondering when it updates because I heard there's supposed to be a demo for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing today and I'd like to download it.

I've tried searching online and people have said it updates every Thursday but no one seemed to know the exact time.

#2 Posted by atc-fanatic (973 posts) -

it usually updates around 5pm i live in central time zone.

#3 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

I don't think there's any exact time. If you're really looking forward to something, it will be updated quite late.

#4 Posted by J_Ford (2206 posts) -

Ok, thanks to both of you.

That should be 4PM for me then, my time zone's GMT. If it doesn't update until later in the evening I'll just check when I get home after work.

#5 Posted by Thetaguru (1394 posts) -

Typically about 5-6pm CT

#6 Posted by PStringa (315 posts) -
I always thought it was around 2pm GMT....
#7 Posted by Dark-Star13 (2849 posts) -

In Texas it's 5:30 ish.

#8 Posted by WiiMan21 (8187 posts) -

Usually in Minnesota it updates about 6pm.

#9 Posted by J_Ford (2206 posts) -

Well it's now 9:30 PM my time and I still don't see the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo.

I thought it was supposed to come out today since the XBox360 got it on Monday? Does anyone know when it'll be on the Playstation Store?

#10 Posted by Sokol4ever (6305 posts) -

To my understanding, here in North America, it's updated between 5-9PM EST time every Thursday.

I also have European and Japanese accounts which also seem to be updated on Thursdays.