What's the Next Game You are Going to Buy?

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#1 Posted by XxElSoadFanXx (534 posts) -
The next game i'm going to buy is re5 and then probably wait until Modern Warfare 2
#2 Posted by Jakesta7 (2421 posts) -

Uncharted probably, for a new game tht is coming out: maybe Infamous, but definently Uncharted 2.

After playing the Wanted: Weapons of Fate demo, i might even get tht.

#3 Posted by Griggrr (130 posts) -

i will pick up stalker for my PC soon. for ps3 prolly infamous or some game that i didnt get on release (street fighter 4... bioshock, or dmc4.)

#4 Posted by PSdual_wielder (10646 posts) -

Maybe RE5, Infamous, Dawn of War 2 and Empire total war all together in a few months from now.

#5 Posted by rockguy92 (21559 posts) -
If I get it, Legends of Wrestlemania.
#6 Posted by yokofox33 (30133 posts) -

I'll probably get Cross Edge when it comes out in May. The game I want the most though is White Knight Chronicles.

#7 Posted by bkrawk (423 posts) -

street fighter 4 and killzone 2

#8 Posted by Scianix-Black (19295 posts) -

Killzone 2.

#9 Posted by Gxgear (10425 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 THEN Killzone 2.

#10 Posted by xfire312 (30 posts) -

Street Fighter 4 and maybe uncharted with it


#11 Posted by QuebecSuperstar (4178 posts) -

I'm really tempted to buy Wanted: Weapons of Fate (which comes out on March 24th) but if I don't get it, I got Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and The Godfather 2 (both pre-odered and paid in full) coming out on April 7th.

#12 Posted by Puscifer_No1 (2769 posts) -
The next game i'm going to buy is re5 and then probably wait until Modern Warfare 2XxElSoadFanXx
I'm paying off RE5 when it comes out since I get paid the same day. I'm tempted to buy Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K after playing the demo. This is probably the first game with his name on it I'll ever buy and most probably, last :lol: After those 2, whichever "most anticipated" game comes out first.
#13 Posted by csadhoo (1462 posts) -

saving up for re5, then after that street fighter 4 probably, then infamous

#14 Posted by orbis_mortis (420 posts) -
Possibly RE5
#15 Posted by AAKH (69 posts) -

RE5 then inFamous for sure. I need to get some cash though @_@

#16 Posted by cmpepper23 (3256 posts) -

MLB The Show

#17 Posted by king23_ (18170 posts) -
I probably won't be getting anything for a while. I've got a bunch of games I need to finish already.
#18 Posted by Sepewrath (28770 posts) -
Two games next week, neither for the PS3 though.
#19 Posted by Mr_Korean (1622 posts) -


#20 Posted by taplok (4473 posts) -

just got RE 5 yeserday... next will be Legends of Wrestlemania.

#21 Posted by Plasma-Dog (383 posts) -
Resident Evil 5, then Killzone 2,
#22 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

My next game will be Resident Evil 5 CE on Friday.

#23 Posted by DeathTemplar (172 posts) -

Probably HAWX either before i go on Vacation, or when i get back.

#24 Posted by Rett18 (67 posts) -

i rented killzone 2, the online is pretty cool...i cant decide to buy it, i want to know about the legends of wrestlemania game the features what kind of story mode or something...

#25 Posted by Desnadoggie (18 posts) -

Im probably buy a PS3 and then get Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, and Resistance 2 just for a start.

#26 Posted by Gohansephiroth (9871 posts) -

Resident Evil 5

#27 Posted by hazelnutman (9688 posts) -
RE5 then Killzone 2 over the next 2 months or so. Games past that are subject to different release dates, so I can't tell yet.
#28 Posted by BladeDynasty777 (1596 posts) -

re5, dmc4, ninja gaiden and godfather 2

#29 Posted by Gamereviews2008 (277 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 then The Godfather 2.

#30 Posted by Carnikoid85 (534 posts) -

Probably RE5 but I'm more anticipated for Alpha Protocol and I'm Alive

#31 Posted by N3K0_K1D (5 posts) -
KZ2 or R2
#32 Posted by THQ88 (1362 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition is next. I might get Street Fighter IV or just wait for Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

#33 Posted by smithster118 (3910 posts) -

The next game I will "definitely buy" will probably be Uncharted 2. The next game I "might" buy is inFamous.

#34 Posted by Primo295 (2896 posts) -

Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5.:)

#35 Posted by 2-10-08 (2775 posts) -

The next game I'm buying is little big planet.

#36 Posted by jcopp72 (5341 posts) -
Godfather 2
#37 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25830 posts) -
Resi 5 is next.
#38 Posted by Koi-Neon-X (2148 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 & Valkyria Chronicles

#39 Posted by zAhMaDz (99 posts) -
Killzone 2, easily.
#40 Posted by spiff_p239 (428 posts) -

I'm picking up NHL 09 today and then I'll probably be waiting for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

#41 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

I just got MLB09 the Show so I'm gonna wait a bit to getSkate 2. But I don't think there are many other games coming out later this year I really want. Except for InFamous and Uncharted 2...maybe.

#42 Posted by gamerx005 (75 posts) -
The next game i'm going to buy is re5 and then probably wait until Modern Warfare 2XxElSoadFanXx
Resident Evil 5 for me too.
#43 Posted by benleslie5 (7924 posts) -

I've pre-ordered Resident Evil 5, probably after that might get Killzone 2 or Valkria Chronicles.

#44 Posted by dveight88 (34 posts) -
none. I just bought a gamepass at the video rental store for slightly more than it costs to pay a monthly MMO subscription and I get unlimited rentals. sorry developers! :p
#45 Posted by Terrencec06 (3590 posts) -

I probably won't be getting anything for a while. I've got a bunch of games I need to finish already.king23_


#46 Posted by lobert124 (268 posts) -

Killzone 2, maybe uncharted 2

#47 Posted by Young_Charter (19910 posts) -
Resident Evil 5: Will buy on day of release (Hopefully) Street Fighter IV Killzone 2
#48 Posted by b3yondstupidity (12500 posts) -
Hmm, SFIV Or LBP Maybe..
#49 Posted by CannedWorms (3381 posts) -

Chronclies of Riddick: Dark Athena. :D

#50 Posted by Silent-Hal (9795 posts) -
Resident Evil 5. I'm not even aware of the release dates of the other games I'm looking foward to this year.