Whats the next collection you think will be coming to remote play?

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#1 Posted by xconbud (716 posts) -

And whats the next games you actually want to play remotely?

I would love to play mgs4 and I think the sly cooper games should play well using RP.

#2 Posted by darkspineslayer (20210 posts) -
I'll hope Sly honestly. Mostly because I still need to beat the 3rd game.
#3 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
For MGS4, I still haven't forgotten Kojima's showing of that native MGS4 cutscene at the NGP reveal event. Remember? :D I could see the Journey collector's edition getting patched for remote play, if thatgamecompany actually went back to it (not something they're known for).
#4 Posted by danish-death (5314 posts) -
I'd rather get an actual Vita version instead of just playing it remote play.
#5 Posted by damann22 (7655 posts) -

Sly and R&C