What Ps4 games are sitting at home right now?

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#1 Posted by RiKanKiDD (1058 posts) -

So some Ps4 games have released already such as Knack and KillZone. Assassin's Creed,battlefield, and CoD will be releasing early next week. Do you have any Ps4 games sitting in your home right now, Waiting to be played?

Right now I only have Killzone Shadowfall sitting there. I will be picking up Assassin's Creed on the 12th.

#2 Posted by xeon71 (207 posts) -

I just got Knack in the mail today. Should be getting Killzone and Call of Duty Ghosts before the week is up.

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@xeon71: Awesome. I cant wait for Knack but I'm holding that one off for Christmas time.

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I got Killzone, I'm picking up Call of Duty Ghosts tomorrow after class and then the rest of the games I'll be getting next week.

#5 Posted by darkghost75 (1581 posts) -

I got killzone last week and Call of Duty ghosts today