What ps3 games in your collection rarely get played

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#1 Posted by kai031782 (246 posts) -
Final fantasy 13, I don't play it much. How about you guys?
#2 Posted by SgtSutton (359 posts) -

Right now Risen 2 and Mass Effect 3. I really enjoy both games, just can't get into them though.

#3 Posted by Namgis (3591 posts) -

Resistance FoM, Uncharted and MGS4. Only because they are at the bottom of the list. I am making my way through my backlog and they were first on the docket. Will Play them again, but not for a couple more years.

#4 Posted by KIERON93 (39 posts) -
La noire
#5 Posted by gunslinger024 (336 posts) -
Bioshock 2, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and Assassins Creed Revelations
#6 Posted by Nengo_Flow (10086 posts) -
I have games that havent been touched in years... Socom Confrontation and 4, also MAG.
#7 Posted by XereoWarrior (158 posts) -
Demon Souls. I get why it's a great game but it was far too tedious for me.
#8 Posted by yokofox33 (30135 posts) -

All the games I don't play.

#9 Posted by blaqphantom (1829 posts) -
Metal Gear Solid 4 had it since release its been in my ps3 once for 5 mins didnt know what was going on, havent played any other Metal Gear games which i think may be the problem bought it due to the 10/10 reviews.
#10 Posted by ristactionjakso (5823 posts) -

Mainly games that Ive beaten already.

#11 Posted by SoNin360 (5604 posts) -
There are many games in my collection I havn't played in a while. I don't go back to most games after getting most of what I can out of them. I'll occasionally re-visit old game. So really I focus on only a few games at a time and sort of replace as I go, but there's usually the chance that I'll eventually go back like to it like I am going to do soon with Uncharted 2, which I havn't played in probably 2 years.
#12 Posted by Lucky_Krystal (1730 posts) -

Demon souls. Got it at the same time as 2 other games, so I just haven't gotten around to playing it yet. Also, Dragon Age Origins.

#13 Posted by MensRea93 (2 posts) -
i got into a bad habit of trading in games as soon as I had completed them so now Im trying to save my games as I know I'll just want to play them again as soon as there gone. Red Dead Redemption Need For Speed The Run Spider Man Edge of Time Tekken Tag Tem Tournament 2
#14 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -
Dead Rising 2. Tekken 6, but that will change now that I have two controllers.
#15 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -
The Saboteur, Unreal Tournament 3, Rock Band 2.
#16 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (16812 posts) -

Heavy Rain. I'm not fond of the Six-axis controls. It's imprecise and tedious. Its controls should be simplified like in Alan Wake.

#17 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
the older a game is, the less I play it.
#18 Posted by JogsterXL (299 posts) -
Lost Planet, I haven't played that in a loong time, still need to get back and finish it though.
#19 Posted by RageQuitter69 (1297 posts) -

I finished these games once and never touched them again:

  • Resident Evil: pretty looking garbage
  • Mass Effect 2: BORING!!!!!
#20 Posted by CTR360 (7251 posts) -
turok haze unreal turnament lair black site area 51 and more
#21 Posted by pspitus (2396 posts) -

The original Untold Legends for the PS3. It was one of the launch titles, I played it for about an hr and haven't touched it since XD.

That game and...

Cartoonetwork Punch Time Explosion for the 360! :lol:

I don't even know why I bought it that day, must have been all the sweaty nerd stench at gametop clouding my judgment XD

#22 Posted by jsmoke03 (13029 posts) -

games that ive beaten....

#24 Posted by VirtualAntics (554 posts) -

Wet, Assassin's Creed, Condemned 2, and Valkyria Chronicles to name a few.

#25 Posted by jordonj (1069 posts) -
Assassin's Creed (I working on finishing it then moved to Red Dead Redemption out of frustration with the control). I haven even unwrapped Uncharted 2 (I did beat the first one though).
#26 Posted by chaz1911 (67 posts) -
Final fantasy 13, I don't play it much. How about you guys?kai031782
FF13 is rubbish i sold it. game i don't play much is Clive Barkers Jericho.