What is BEST PSN game??

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#1 Posted by Xx-Addict-xX (1119 posts) -

^^Topic^^. But any suggestions people?

#2 Posted by danthegardner99 (799 posts) -

Flower for me.

#3 Posted by EarnMyRespect (306 posts) -

Not too sure about the BEST.. But Super Stardust HD really did it for me. Had a lot of fun playing that game. I still play it whenever Im bored.

#4 Posted by razzkazz (730 posts) -

Punisher: No Mercy. It gets a lot of hate but it's my favorite. Put in over 50 hours to get all the trophies and it was a blast.

#5 Posted by Quaker-w00ts (1596 posts) -

Pixeljunk games by far

#6 Posted by Shade340 (516 posts) -

Fat princess best multiplayer ever

#7 Posted by amsfm6 (2777 posts) -

Battlefield 1943

#8 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -

Battlefield 1943

plus a marvel vs capcom 2.
#9 Posted by supa_badman (16634 posts) -

Battlefield 1943

plus a marvel vs capcom 2.

Bomberman Ultra is great, simple fun too.