What I am hoping from gamescom and tgs 2014

#1 Posted by samanthademeste (1143 posts) -

-a new god of war, ratchet and clank and gran turismo game

-a new crash bandicoot, jak and daxter, sly cooper and resistance game

-the last guardian, final fantasy 15 and agent

-whatever gurrellia games, quantic dreams and the other sony owned studios are working on

-kingdom hearts 3 and persona 5

-a bioshock infinite remake for ps4

-phantasy star, ys, dragon quest, tales and more games like that for ps3/ps4

-playstation all stars 2 or a ps all stars remake for ps4

-a "platinum games" game for ps4

-ultima, wizardry, bards tale, might and magic and gauntlet for ps3/ps4

-tekken x street fighter (this game is NOT street fighter x tekken)

-alone in the dark, resident evil, silent hill, clocktower, haunting ground and dead space for ps4

-mass effect and fallout for ps4

-prey 2, furious 4, beyond good and evil 2 and half-life 3

that's just off the top of my head.