What FPS are you playing most

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Posted by ShoTTyMcNaDeS (2101 posts) 1 year, 9 days ago

Poll: What FPS are you playing most (7 votes)

CoD Ghosts 14%
BF4 71%
KZSF 14%

I am wondering what FPS you are all playing the most on the PS4.

#1 Edited by marlobc (802 posts) -

BF4 for sure , it is truly epic on next gen

#2 Posted by marcheegsr (2841 posts) -

Battleifled 4. Over 30 hours so far. Followed by Killzone sf multiplayer when I want to change it up.

#3 Posted by jukev2424 (244 posts) -

COD because there is online split screen. BF in 2nd when i play by myself.

#4 Posted by MarcRecon (5846 posts) -

I'm split between COD Ghost and KZSF