What does blinking red light mean?

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who ever has a wii can you tell me how to fix a corrupted gamecube memory card

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OfficerLeach_ can you tell me how to fix the RLOD problem
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My PS3 just started acting up right now. It worked this morning. Now I turn it on, makes a beeping noise with a green light like it normally does, but then 2-3 seconds later the system sounds like it shuts off n I get this blinking red light. N it keeps doing this even when I shut the power from the back. Does this mean my PS3 died? I have the MSG4 80g bundle. Thx.


Huh. My MGS4 80g PS3 just kicked the can the other day. Since I don't want to play around with hair dryers to try and bring it back to life, what do I do?

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muzic_mafia can you tell me how to fix a corrupted gamecube memory card and can you tell me how to fix the RLOD
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muzic_mafia can you tell me how to fix a corrupted gamecube memory card and can you tell me how to fix the RLODdoomkiller97

Never had a Gamecube, trying to find solutions.

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Hi Iv been reading through this looking at possible Fix's for my PS3. I have an Originaly PS3 80g(with a 120g Harddrive installed) That Just Last night Started to Shut down and Blink Red while playing GT5. So far what I have done is clear all the vents using Compressed Gas, and Vancuuming to get as much dust as possible out. I also have removed the Harddrive and Dusted in there aswell trying to do my best to follow the solutions I found here http://www.articlesbase.com/electronics-articles/dealing-with-a-ps3-blinking-red-light-1678489.html Now this is my Question, If this Proceeds to Effect me is it possble to be Fixed by a Thirds Party even tho it is a Really Old Model PS3? I really dont think that Sony will fix it since they do not make the Phat moddles anymore and Would like to double check before Bothering waiting on hold for Ages just to get a "no we dont fix those anymore"

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think its funny how everyone tries to act like the YLOD thing is just an old model ps3 problem.. 2 friends of mine with brand new slim models have experienced it already and my old fatty is over 5 years old and still works like it did out of the box.. lol

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??? Um I dont see anything that Imply's its an Older model only Problem... iv see the Slims have the YLOD...

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The YLOD is a general hardware failure, it can happen for any number of reasons. Although there is a common cause in earlier fat PS3 models which I explained in an above post to the best of my knowledge. D: You're not going to be able to fix broken solder on your motherboard by clearing dust out your PS3 not to say that wouldn't help your PS3 in a good way. But seeing as it's already YLOD it is usually advised you get PS3 Slim if you want it to last longer, it's less likely to happen.

I'm pretty sure Sony still do repair broken YLOD FAT PS3 models but they will charge more to fix them as do many third party companies from what I've seen.

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Thank you for answering my Question I will try to get ahold of them as the last few times iv called iv been placed on Hold and then Disconnected.