What are your opinions on Farcry 4?

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I'm kind of interested in Farcry 4 on PS4, and I want to get the forums opinions on it before I drop the $60 to preorder it. I had Farcry 2 and 3 on PS3 so I am familiar with the series. They were alright with me, but F4 looks like it may be a little more interesting... What do you guys think?

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I'm definitely excited for it... doesn't look like a big leap forward over FC3, but looks fun. If you liked FC3, I think it's safe to say you'll like 4.

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What is the rush to preorder? Why not wait until closer to release when there will be much more information on the game and a decision will be easier to make and more informed?

As for the game, FC3 was awesome so I am expecting much of the same from FC4. Hopefully it is not just a quick money grab.

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I don't think it will feel very "next-gen", but at the least it should be a prettier version of Far Cry 3 in a different location. I hope it's not too much of the same, but Far Cry 3 didn't do a whole lot wrong in my opinion, so I guess I wouldn't blame them if they played it safe in some regards. All in all, I'm pretty excited for it. It's probably the game I'm most excited for that's coming out this year.

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I think Farcry 4 looks great , it was one of the best games I saw at E3 and is one of gamespot's most anticipated games.

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i cant wait for my PS4 version

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its a game i'd like day ONE. but the fact that FC3 had a killer bug where i could not progress (after having spent many hours collecting) any further without starting a new game. means i'll wait to see if any similar problems arise from this edition.

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it looks promising...

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I will buy it, dont know what i think about it yet.

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I loved far cry 3 and far cry 4 seems to be even better than 3

so if you enjoyed far cry 3 I'm sure you will enjoy 4