watching dark knight on blu ray and then

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#1 Posted by midway_nights (575 posts) -

and then i will play arkham city how coool is that? even more kool is i have already finished 4 beers.

#2 Posted by Lone_Wolf_Lance (121 posts) -

You drunk?

#3 Posted by ristactionjakso (5795 posts) -

lol, 4 beers.

#4 Posted by _Judas_ (750 posts) -

that is cool...

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@ristactionjakso said:

lol, 4 beers.

#6 Posted by worlock77 (22547 posts) -

Go you!

#7 Posted by Stormtrooper224 (14 posts) -

Do you have any beers left?

#8 Posted by MethodManFTW (25846 posts) -

dude you are cool.

seriously though, batman is cool.

#9 Posted by midway_nights (575 posts) -

Lol. yeah it was a wonderful experience guys.

my best wishes to all of you as we dive into next generation.

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Well, I watched the Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl and then played Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Now that is awesome!