WARNING: Beyond Two Souls is CENSORED in EU!

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Following the usual SCEE Nazi censor spree, Beyond Two Souls has 2 censored scenes in EU.

Sony still thinks that US adults are more mature than EU adults...


This was discovered by a German previewer, and since SCEE stopped doing Germany-only versions, only a single EU version, that means ALL EUROPE will be censored (but for some weird reason they still do UK-only versions stripped of all the extra languages).


More info at:


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there is nothing that says WHAT is censored... just that something is. if its just some bullshit scene with extra gore or something, who really cares? if it is a good portion of the game, then ok... whatever... get mad...
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first TLOU  now this in eu....


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQfeMNNM1lOEcGz6TrfKJG angela merkel must hate SONY

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what's that suppose to mean???nazi?????
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Im sick of this nonsense, every Sony game since Twisted Metal has been cut in EU. :( Will this trend continue on PS4? I should probably source myself a region 1 copy of Shadow Fall because no doubt something will get cut!
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Does that mean the UK version in censored too? I guess importing it will be useless. :(