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I'd like to use this thread as a way to discuss the game a bit, and also to meet up with fellow Warhawk lovers. Let's talk about the game, and maybe exchange some ID's in hopes of getting some games together.

I absolutely adore Warhawk. One of the things that impresses me the most about it, to this day, is how big the maps are. I've never seen any game that had maps like Warhawk, not even close. There are some games like Battlefield and Halo which are considered to have "big maps", except that when compared to Warhawk, they are dwarfed. I'd say on average, the typical Warhawk map could contain about 5 of the largest maps in other games, and that's not exaggeration. I also love the simplicity of the gameplay, the amazing flight controls, and the fact that its one of the few games where team work is actually useful and not just tacked-on.

For anybody who wants to play Warhawk (or other PS3 games), my ID is GreenMagic469. Post yours if you'd like to play, and tell us what you think of the game.