VGA Cable for the PS3

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Really need to know if there is an offical VGA cable like the one you can buy for the Xbox360.

Really dont want to buy a HDTV thats not doing HD. A PC monitor can do True HD and its Cheaper

BenQ FP241W 24" Widescreen HDMI/HDCP LCD HD Monitor


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Why would you want to use VGA when the monitor takes HDMI? HDMI is better then VGA.
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yea use hdmi
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Yeah i understand this monitor uses hdmi, and yes its better,

but lets say the monitor only had VGA, is there a cable out there that the PS3 uses VGA?

yes or no?

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oh dear, well i hope they do one day then?
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Why do you want a VGA cable anyway?  Do you not want to use the HDMI port on your PS3?  There are HDMI to DVI cables which would utilize the DVI(HDCP) port on that monitor.
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Well at the mo, i have a monitor that only uses VGA, got an Xbox360 that uses VGA, i want a PS3, i just want to save money on the screen, so i was wondering if theres a cable for the PS3 for VGA

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Ah I see, I was in the same position at launch. A Multiout VGA cable would do the trick but , fair warning, once you connect a cable to the HDMI port on the PS3, the receiving display is required to be HDCP compliant. Just something to keep in mind.
If you want a bigger monitor you can check out the 22" models.  They're way cheaper than the newer 24" and some still come with HDMI ports as well as DVI with HDCP.
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 HDCP? what this? mso you saying i can but i have to rewire things around?

i thought that anythin below a 24"ich monitor isn't HD i.e 1080p?

thank you for your advise

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nope...u can use dvi tho...if u have hdcp
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1. HD starts at 1280x720 - the resolution most PS3 games are at. As far as "trueHD" is concerned, that's between you and a lot of marketing hype to decide. If you can't afford the extra $400 to gain 2" and increase you resolution, then don't.

2. HDCP is a new form of content protection for HD-materials. Make sure the widescreen monitor you buy has HDCP-compliant DVI ports, or you'll be in quite a bit of trouble. Either that, or buy a 720p HDTV for $500 and you'll have a 27" screen that you can enjoy playing your PS3 / 360 on - one that will have a nice HDMI port for your PS3 to utilize.