Using an existing Netflix account on my PS3

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So I have an existing netflix account, however, when I open netflix up on my ps3, the only option I have is to purchase one with a credit card. Theres no option that I can find that says, "Use existing account". I can't find anywhere where it says, "log in". Only options I have are, "Purchase an account", "Terms of service" and "Okay".

First the screen says "Purchase an account". When I click that, that's when I have the option of entering credit card information, and then "Okay" and "Terms of Service"

My question is, how can I skip this and just use an existing Netflix account on my PS3?

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delete netflix, completely. even in game data utility ull find it there. then go to where it says whats new, click on that then ull see netflix app u can download. so go ahead and download it, once installed, launch the program and it should ask u from the START, to either purchase or enter ur email and pass if ur a existing customer.
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Thanks for the help!