USB headset (Logitech H390) won't work with PS3?

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Am I supposed to adjust the ps3 settings somehow? I've been led to believe that this headset will work with the ps3. I don't want to talk to anyone over the mic. I honest to goodness just want sound from the single-player game I want to play... that's all.

It recognizes the headset under "accessory settings," and the microphone, but like i said before, I just want sound.

Am I just mistaking headphones with headsets? Are headsets not supposed to give me sound from the game?

Can't even hear the clicks from just navigating around the PS3 menu.

Thanks... so clueless. Just wanted to play GTA V, so hooked it up to my monitor via HDMI-DVI and am looking for way to get sound.

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Sounds like it only recognizes it as a headset and not as headphones. You probably get voice chat through the H390 but not game audio.