Unlock codes for online modes in newer games

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#1 Posted by RACiEP (687 posts) -

I noticed that quite a few new games come with a long code that you have to input to access online multiplayer. Let's take LBP Karting for example. You have to input a serial number, then download a "purchase" of $0 from the PS Store to access online play.

Now, our PS3 is shared between three different users. If one user inputs the code, is the code used up or can it be used more than once? Can the other users not access the online modes then? Do we actually have to purchase more online passes? Also, how expensive are these passes?

Apologies if this has been answered before. I can't seem to find much on this and I don't know the exact name for these things.

#2 Posted by Reptylus (1875 posts) -
The activation key comes in form of a small download. Like all downloads, the content is shared with all users on the system, as long as the owner is not deleted. So, yes, all three of you can play online with one code.