Unit 13 or Assassins creed?

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#1 Posted by grifman1 (124 posts) -
I want to buy one of these games so tell me your opinion and the pros and cons of each.
#2 Posted by p4s2p0 (4167 posts) -
I am more into shooters so I say unit 13 but ACL is also good.
#3 Posted by aryanbrar (2089 posts) -

one is a shooter other is a action/adventure. if you're a trophy hunter, then ac is a easier plat then unit 13. 

#4 Posted by Darkeroid2212 (293 posts) -

I didn't like Unit 13. ACL was good but it's story was horrible.

#5 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
Unit 13 is a great shooter. The weapons feel and sound great, the scoring system is deep, and it's got co-op so you can play with friends. I get the idea that a lot of people passed it by because they were looking for a first-person game. It's still the Vita's best shooter. (Other than Stranger's Wrath HD, but that's more of a platformer/shooter hybrid.)
#6 Posted by -Patrick_92- (2168 posts) -

Unit 13 is really good, pretty underrated in my opinion.  AC3:L is solid, but the story and framerate aren't so good.  I'd personally recommend Unit 13.

#7 Posted by RollinKaos (83 posts) -
Thought they both were lacking . Did not enjoy either game and sold them back.
#8 Posted by michel3105 (80 posts) -

Never been an Ubi Soft fan, but I was positively surprised by Assassin Creed.

I don't love shooters, so AC would be my chioice.

#9 Posted by Malta_1980 (11481 posts) -

Unit 13 is a good game, quite underrated imo !!

#10 Posted by Terrencec06 (3621 posts) -

Unit 13 is a good game, quite underrated imo !!


kinda wish I would have bought it when it was on sale.