Turtle Beach PX4 beeping bluetooth sound

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I got my Turtle Beach PX4 yesterday and they work great with chat and audio. But I noticed how I got a beeping sound from every 15 sec to 5 min. I realized it had something to do with the bluetooth wanting to connect. I did connect it to my PS3 but it still beeped. I ofc tried turning off the bluetooth by holding down the bluetooth button on the headset. But it just boots up sporadiclly and makes the same beeping noise. I've tried everything I can think off. Been In a party chat on PS4 talking for 30 min and I get the beep quite often. Playing a game on PS4 and PS3 aswell, on PS4 during party chat. Synching the headset to my PS3 with bluetooth, still get this beeping sound. It's like it's ignoring anything I do and it just beeps randomly and bluetooth boots up randomly. Same thing on the PS3 and same thing on the PS4. I tried my friends PX4, no problem. I might have to kill him and steal his pair if this dosen't get solved.

Does anyone have the same problem, headset or know anything about how I might fix this. Yes the headset has been charged fully aswell.

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