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I posted one on Xbox as well and you guys seemed to like it, so here's one fore the PS4:

What are your favourite PS4 Games?

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Some of the games on that list aren't even out yet so how could they rate them already...

Anyways I only have 7 games and 2 are indies so...

1. Battlefield 4

2. Fifa 14

3. Killzone SF

4. AC Black flag

5. NFS Rivals

6. Resogun

7. Contrast

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1) Assassin's Creed IV

2) NBA 2k14

3) Killzone SF

4) Resogun

5) Warframe

6) Flower


8) Blacklight Retribution (only played for a few minutes so it may end up higher on the list)

9) Contrast

That's all I own, but really want Lego Marvel, Ghosts, and NFS: Rivals

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killzone SF nba 2k14 AC4 bf4 need for speed rivals

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Killzone SF

Assassins Creed Black Flag

NBA 2K14


Need For Speed Rivals


Fifa 14




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1, Killzone Shadowfall

2. Assassins Creed 4

3. Need For Speed Rivals

4. Resogun


6. Warframe

That's all i played so far and the Order is important to me.

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I've only played Killzone Shadow Fall & Knack so far.Knack being my favorite.

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Resogun is the only one that actually feels and plays like a game. SO ADDICTIVE!

ACIV is ACIII with more palms and beaches. Killzone, beautiful but mindless gameplay. Need Franchise Selfdestruct: Rivals, cars have never driven as stiff and artificial. FIFA 14 improved and more fast-paced, which is great. BF4 was at times honestly too realistic for a FPS, but the fun surpassed minor annoyances.

Resogun would qualify for my top ten, but seeing as the rest are mostly created for company profit on launch day they will gladly be ignored.

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My collection consists of 9 retail games and 3 indie ones, so I might just rank the ones I've played so far!


2. Knack (it's a wonderful game for what it is, a less violent version of God of War, but much more difficult and challenging as well)

3. Call of Duty Ghosts

4. Resogun

5. Need for Speed Rivals

6. Battlefield 4

7. Killzone Shadow Fall

8. NBA 2K14

9. Injustice: GAU Ultimate Edition

10. Sound Shapes

Still need to play Contrast and Lego Marvel, also planning on getting Skylanders and Flower=)

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1 nba 2k14 2 killzone SF 3 AC4 4 BF4 5 cod ghosts 6 fifa 2014 7 need for speed rivals