To me seems like more active on xbox 360 than ps3.

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Hey all i own both systems i was all for xbox. But now im getting burned out on my 360 and on my ps3 Waaaayy more. it seems like the online for the ps3 is really dead on multiplat games vs the 360. what are your guys thoughts?

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The times I have played online I never had problems finding matches with other people. Granted, I don't play online that much but the point being I never had probs. I guess how old a game is also plays a factor in how active the online arena is. It's harder to find a large participation base in older games than the newer ones unless said older game was REALLY popular. But most people move on.
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Well like i got re6 it seems like no one really plays it like just jump into games like on the 360 and ive herd that BF3 is dead on the ps3 it seems like everyone on xbox bashes the ps3 for being dead and such.

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Well that may hold some truth since I typically only play with people I know on my friend's list. I'm one of those people you speak of that don't just jump online real quick for a few rounds mainly 'cause I don't like playing with strangers :lol: I guess your only option then is to game on the 360 if that's what you're really craving. Maybe PS4 will garner a more robust online community.

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lol ive been playing on the xbox for so long its just gotten so old i dont have the slightest clue why i wish i knew. i dont have awesome people on my friends list.

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Well I think the major problem for Sony was no cohesion with online in being that--unlike the 360--the PS3 didn't ship every unit with a headset. It was basically left up to the individual to either buy one or use their Bluetooth headset they use for their phone. So you may get a lot of people playing online, but if they all don't have the ability to communicate (regardless if they choose to or not like they can on Live), nobody was talking to each other so how are you supposed to build up a strong community when no one talks?

Hell, I'm so used to it now that I automatically turn my headset off because 9/10 times there's still no one to talk to after how many years?? And then, ironically, the one's with mics are exactly the people who SHOULDN'T be talking. It's all ass backwards.

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Lol well i see i hope Sony sees its problems they had when the release the new system lol i guess ill get some of the games ive been getting on my xbox and then do others on my ps3.

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Take it to SW much?
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Take it to SW much?The-Apostle

Couldn't have said it better myself.