Thinking of buying new PS3 but have some questions first

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ok so im thinking about buying the GTA V ps3 bundle when it releases in september to replace my aging 80gb model ps3 but a few questions before i do. First of all would i be able to sign in to my existing PSN account when i get new model and if so would i still have acess to all the PSN titles i bought and just reinstall them again? or will i have to purchase them again on the new machine?

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You can sign in with your same account and re-download everything. Transferring data is also pretty easy, though I've only done that with game saves and not everything on the hard drive so I don't know the exact process for that.
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Yes you can use your PSN on up to 2 activated PS3s. An easier way is to connect both PS3s with an ethernet cable, all files will be transfered but it can take up to 4 hours (much faster than downloading everything again).
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Just remember to deactivate your old PS3 before you get rid of it.