think sony should add a silver psn?

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i dont know about all you guys but i can cares less for all the monthly downloadables psn games and other freebies. busy with work 40+ hours a week and only got weekends to play. i think if the just had a silver psn for say just online mutiplayer acess and party chat that would be a plus i know i would glady pay 20$ for online mutiplayer for a year, reason im still with with my ps3 just playing gta online cod and last of us for free right now online

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No, keep that crap on the other one.

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Yeah, that would definitely be a good option for some people. Many people play casually and only get on every so often mainly to play online. So they probably aren't even taking advantage of all the free games. But from Sony's perspective, it's easier and more profitable to just charge everyone $50 a year, so I doubt it will ever happen.

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If they did something like that, it would probably something for people that want to play online, but are not really interested in free games and whatnot

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valids points i guess if they did make a lower tier psn+ it would be 4 ot 5 years into console life

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No point in doing that when people have shown they're willing to pay $50. Xbox Live set the standard and now Sony's gonna rake in that dough.

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My post got deleted...I blame glitches. I'll just sum up my longer post:


I don't see this ever happening looking back at gaming history. There is no incentive for Sony to do this either as the current system in place has been working well and PS4 sales are incredibly high. The competition's service is $60, so my fear is Sony could increase the price to $60, not the other way around.

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No. Different console models and service just create confusion amongst consumers. I would say get Plus around the holidays if you do not want to pay full price for it. Sometimes Sony has sales for PS Plus throughout the year. Making a "silver" model would just be stupid since everything on the interface can pretty much anywhere. It would be dumb to go to a new feature only for the system to tell you cannot use it because you do not have a Plus account.