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The PlayStation 4 has exceeded my highest expectations. I was a huge Xbox 360 fan but, after comparing the two systems the PS4 left the Xbox one in the dust. First, the graphics are much better, because the PS4 has 50% more GPU units (12 vs. 18) and 2.67 times faster GDDR5 Ram, which the Xbox can never match. The Xbox will never be able to make up missing 50% units and it already shows in current games. This generation is not like last; the hardware difference is massive this time around. The PS Vita can be used to stream PS4 games anywhere you have internet, even when tethered from your phone! These abilities make the PS4 the best console this generation.

The PS Vita allows PS4 games to be played anywhere, not just on your home network, which some sites have reported. I connected my PS Vita to my PS4 at work, when visiting family, and anywhere I had a good Wi-Fi connection. My friend streams PS4 games over his ATT tethering plan from his iPhone and it works, as well. The PS Vita will search the internet to find your PS4 anywhere over the web. Any PS4 game can be streamed to the PS Vita and you have full PS4 functionality, from friends list to the store.

This feature is much better than the unfavorable Kinect on the Xbox one. Kinect on the 360 caused hand fatigue and, if you really like it, PS4 has a Kinect- like add on that is very similar for $60, even with this add on the total cost of the PS4 is much cheaper than buying a Xbox one. The PS4 supports voice commands, as well, with the included headset or if you buy the affordable PlayStation camera add on. So, if you really like Kinect, buy the camera add on for similar features, save money, and have much better graphics for gaming. Plus, add PS Vita access to PS4 for gaming on the go.

The PS4, this generation, has a huge hardware advantage. The Xbox One has a limited tiny 0.03125GB (32mb) of high bandwidth memory that is close to the PS4's full 8GB (8192mb) speed. The rest of 8GB of Xbox ones ram has only 67GB/sec versus 178GB/sec on the PS4, or 2.67 times more bandwidth to the full memory then Xbox. The PS4 has 256 times more high speed memory then that Xbox one. Compounding this advantage is the extra 50% GPU cores the PS4 has. This gives PS4 developers access to hundreds of time larger full speed frame buffers, better resolution, and many more effects, when they choose to use it.

This has already given games up to double the resolution on the PS4, which makes a huge noticeable difference on my 55 inch HDTV. In the future developers kept the same resolution closer to the Xbox, but add many additional effects or keep the extra resolution for much better clarity. This isn't a small difference, like last generation; there is a massive difference this generation. Last Generation we didn't see games running at huge resolution differences, 360 versus ps3 games ran at the same or similar resolution. The PS4 versus the Xbox one we see 30-50 percent 720p versus 1080p differences. This was in addition to the ps3 being much harder to program for and we never saw the performance difference we see with the PS4 and Xbox one.

Last the PS4 is very family friendly, I purchased an additional PS4 and you only need one PlayStation plus account. I have both systems with one digital copy of the game which can be played online by both, as long as I’m logged into the second with my account. PS4 allows you to play the games with PlayStation plus on one primary system and, while you’re logged into a second console, it has access to all games and PlayStation plus multiplayer at the same time. This makes a great multiplayer experience at home and everyone that comes over loves it! For much cheaper than a $1500 PC I can have two high powered PS4's with a full game library on both. PlayStation keeps everything updated quickly and seamlessly with PlayStation Plus. Goodbye Microsoft Windows 8 updates, drivers, and bugs.

Sony focused on the Gamer experience and rewrote the rules by giving gamers access to PS4 games from anywhere on the Vita when away from home. They left the Kinect-like add on optional to save gamers money and pumped the best hardware into a small, slim, sexy unit. This generation is not like last the PS4 has much better hardware with a massive difference and a better infrastructure to give gamers the best possible experience.

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Xbox one ate the Playstation 2 for breakfast in hardware, look how that turned out.

Though I suspect that this time Sony has a good chance of repeating the success of PS1 and PS2, with the whole cheaper and more powerful console, they just have to get the line up together fast, it's really sad right now.

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Covered this elsewhere, so we'll just go with:

Sad troll is sad.

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Aint nobody got time to read that.

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Ain't nobody got time to read that.

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The Amiga was a pretty sweet machine. It's all about marketing.

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The truth about this title......

First this should've in S.W. , 2nd if ur a gamer then it's stupid to compare to consoles, why if ur a gamer u go where games are. To me that's everywhere, pc, ps3/4, vita, Wii u, 360 and somewhat in distant future x1 when somehow if they take kinetic off and sell it as x1 only...there was no reason for u to make this thread. And if u wanted to voice ur opinion there's a blog or could have some how praised and talked about the ps4 only without mentioning the other systems....we are in 2014 already lets keep our fanboyism and stupid threads aside and unit as gamers but I guess I can dream for so much....have a good day.......greatness awaits.......Echoes.. 'awaits'

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The lineup isn't sad. The lineup is expected because its a launch. You must remember why Microsoft has the library they have right now which still isn't completely impressive. Its easy to spend money on IP's when your only other game of 2013 was a generic Gears of War spinoff.

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@chaplainDMK said:

They just have to get the line up together fast, it's really sad right now.

WTF did you expect the console has barely been out for 2 months!!! Did you expect a million AAA titles for launch, give it some time, i swear some people have no patience whatsoever, if you want more titles get a job as a programmer and start programming some games since the launch isn't to your liking.

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I am going with the PS4, and i am happy with it. They also have a lot of great ip's coming their way this year compared to the X1. I am happy with it so far

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@marcheegsr said:

Aint nobody got time to read that.

Especially people like me with a short attention span!!! lol

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The important thing that may be different is that XBOX got a 1 year PS3 free allowing a big base thus influencing developers/publishers to choose the XBOX as reference console. Now Bungie and Epic games are free to do games on PS4, and maybe an exclusive?

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Blog it somewhere.