The Sly Trilogy (HD) on PS Vita Today

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If you have a Vita, you're very lucky. PlayStation just keeps those announcements comin'.

"Now you can play all of the Sly Cooper games on the go. The Sly Trilogy is a single purchase that features the original Sly Raccoon, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves for just €29.99! All three games have been remastered in widescreen HD and look amazing on the Vita’s big screen." (From the PS Blog EU)

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EU Store update post confirms Sly Cooper games are cross-buy on the PlayStation Store.

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I can't keep up with all the games I want :(

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Now if we could just get a 5th one and resolve the ending from the 4th I can die a little happier.

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When's the US release date on the Sly Collection for PSVita? Also what's up with the release of Resistance FoM and Resistance 2 on the PSN? They just shut down the multiplayer on those games! I'd buy Resistance 2 on the PSN at the right price. Again, waiting a US release.