The PS4 is out! Welcome to next gen!

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How is it? First impressions? How's the box? What's it smell like? Did you pay for your PS4?

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According to Amazon's tracking. My PS4 is currently sitting in an Atlanta UPS facility waiting to go out for delivery tomorrow. :( Guess I'll have to wait until I get home from work tomorrow to play with my new toy.

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I am way too tired to answer any of those questions right now. Everything smells like pizza because I just ate some. PSN is giving everyone problems. Guess I'll have to wait to play Resogun and contrast. I am feeling too tired to play much of anything. : /. But it's cool to have my ps4!

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Got it but PSN is down

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Bought a PS4 tonight at best buy and it does not work out of the box. Here is the video I took of what happened.

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Bought a PS4 tonight at best buy and it does not work out of the box. Here is the video I took of what happened.

just take it back dude.... what is the big deal?

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Got mine. So far so good. PSN's a little sluggish atm but that's understandable. I have managed to download the entertainment/streaming apps, Resogun, Contrast and currently downloading Trine 2 Complete. I'm loving it. The new UI is friendly and quick(I might get tired of all the blue any second though). I'm really digging the Twitch/Streamplay functionality. I can say that from watching a few gamers play Madden to save your money on that one. It's an embarrassment to call that a next-gen title, it's barely an improvement over current gen.

Gonna wait until I get some sleep to install my three disc games(KZ, AC4 & nba2k14). Overall I'm quite pleased with my PS4.

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Got mine at Best Buy along with Killzone but haven't opened either yet.

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Killzone is fun. Cant wait to try Assassin's Creed Later. PSN has some maintanense issues. Will see what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it works so i can redeem my PS + card.

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Too many psn issues so Im going to wait to really play it until tomorrow plus I have work in the morning. I tried Killzones singleplayer and it looked great though.

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Haven't gotten it yet, but eventually. Have fun with it

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It's amazing and worth the money. Everything is so seamless, fast, and integrated - the PS3 behaves like a slug by comparison. Games install wicked fast (feels like it's almost instant, rarely more than a minute). The multiplayer is extremely fluid in KZ and BF, more fluid than anything I've felt on a console by a long shot. Also wanted to mention that the mic it comes with is very decent for online play. I couldn't even imagine playing a PS3 or 360 anymore - too many sacrifices going backwards.

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It looks great and the controller is absolutely superior in every way almost. PSN seems to be running smoother today besides from BF4. Killzone is a blast and I have encountered only a few morons.