The Prototype PS4 controller.

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Check out and discuss.


Please no discussion on the legitimacy of the controller. It IS real as confirmed by IGN (they're credible, right? RIGHT!???).


But let's talk about the controller itself. It is rather thick and unsightly, isn't it? And those joysticks, don't get me started.

But hey, this is a PROTOTYPE. The final version may look very different. Hopefully.

You guys think the final version is slimmer? Think the joysticks are different? How do you think it'll feel overall compared to the Dualshock 3?


One thing that took me some time to get used to going from the PS2 to the PS3 was the sensitivity in the joysticks. I felt the DS2 sticks were stiffer than the DS3 sticks. How do you think the Dualshock 4, if it's even called that, will compare?

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The only thing we can deduce from a prototype is functionality. The final product may differ in many ways such as button travel distance, stick tension and click-feedback. Cosmetics and placement also are the same. Functionality between the prototype and retail version would have to be largely the same though (otherwise it would just be confusing for developers). And you can't even deduce what functionality the controller will have accurately at retail either (it may well have less features than we see here because some of them might be dev-kit specific). I think it is safe to assume the front-panel is going to make it to retail though as I've never seen or heard of a dev unit for any system that has a feature like that. I don't think atm it really matters what this controller does without looking at the wider context of what MS are doing with the 720. If there is no significant functionality differences between them then having this level of evolution is fine. If MS show off something that leaves PS4 controller interfaces looking crusty and outdated...well then Sony might have an issue. I am sure Sony have a fairly good idea of what MS is planning though as devs also have to have dev kits for that system (and people whisper). This all suggests that MS's controller interface probably isn't that far removed from Sony's level of change (which looks on the surface to mean that we will see another generation of small controller changes).
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Posting a picture so people can see without going to the link.

Image 1


Personally I like most of it - the analog sticks seem farther apart, and the handles? (prongs, whatever) look more rounded. The controller looks like it has added some bulk, which is nice too. And concave sticks are good as well. Seems more comfortable overall than the Dualshock. 

I'm skeptical of the touchpad, however, and am not seeing much use for it. Also unsure of the speaker on the controller. Move integration looks like it's built in (blue light on top), so it makes me wonder if every PS4 ships with some sort of Move functionality. 

All that being said, this is an early prototype so the final version may look different or not even have some of these features. 

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its Destructoid news and leak so i take it with a grain of salt, if its real then i have to say wtf is sony thinking i think it looks hideous and why do we need a touch pad on the controller.
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For me, no features matter without hearing how they are going to be used. For example, the touch pad is intriguing but how will it actually be used. Something that caught my eye though is that the joysticks don't look to be fully concave like the 360 controller ones. It looks more like they are convex like the Dualshock3's but have an outer ring on them. Something like that I will really want to get my hands on and try first.
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I don't care. Besides, it's not like PS4 won't sell even the controller was 'ugly'.
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Cosmetically its hard to say given that its only a (potential) prototype. 

On a functionality point of view, as said above, it depends what the touch pad is used for. I pray it wont be a control method in terms of aiming or movement. Cant stand the touch pad/screen control method as its no where near as responsive or accurate as annalogue sticks etc.

Hopefully its more for a side functionality light menus or moving maps and such about or dealing with inventories etc.

I really hope the "future announcement" is about PS4 and not a new dash or some sort of gimmic cos i want some details. Contemplating selling my 360 and starting to put some money aside for it but need more info to know whether thats a cert including just how long we have till it is coming. 

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looks a lot like this concept

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They should have just kept it exactly the same like they have done all these years. No need for change.

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Well, it basically is the same. It just looks a bit meatier, which it needed. The sticks appear to have better grips, which they needed. Now, if only those damnable triggers are curved in instead of out, they'll have addressed nearly every complaint anyone's ever had about the dualshock controller. The only things here that seem unnecessary are the touch pad and Move sensor, but I highly doubt they'll get in the way. I just hope I'm never forced to use them. All in all, I can dig it.
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It wouldn't surprise me if that's some deluxe controller that will be offered at extra cost over the standard controller.  Seeing that Move light on the front makes me think it's full of motion sensors which would drive up the cost considerably, and if they're trying to hit a $400 price point...who knows.

If it is the standard controller though I guess I can live with it.  The D-pad, face buttons and analog sticks are in the same configuration as they always have been which is good.  I like the tops of the analog sticks - with the convex sticks on the DS3 my fingers tend to work their way off to the side of them over time.  The "beefier" size is okay with me.  I've never had any problem with the PS3 controller being too small, but it they make it slightly larger that's fine. 

It'll be interesting to see what's on the touch-screen thingie in the middle. 

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I like that Sony has introduced the PSvita D-pad on the Playstation 4 controller. The D-pad has not changed since 1994, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 Playstation Portable. All version has used the 1994 D-pad design. The PSvita has introduced a revision of the D-pad. This is an improvement. So at least the PS4 controller has the PSvita d-pad which is an improvement.

AS for the rest of the prototype controller I cannot say.. Sony will explain it on Feb 20th 2013. A design inspired by the Wii U?

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Here's another pic: