The Order: 1886 Premium Edition

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At first it looked awesome. Now I'm not so sure...

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The game may have a few horror or creepy moments, but the gameplay shows that it is far from a horror game.

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I am not gonna blow that much money on a new IP that may or may not be good.Besides i have the Witcher 3 CE pre ordered on that month.

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am interested In the game but wait for more game play and even reviews before you plop down zillions if dollars. The game has very short demos and isn't a multiplayer. I can't understand even with sure hits like uncharted 4 and Batman to preorder so far out of release.

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Not worth it to me. I think the Collector's edition is fairly priced at 80 bucks and you get similar stuff. But I really only buy collector's editions for established franchises I adore (like Tales, Persona, FF), so I'll be getting the standard version.

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I may consider the $80 CE but the $150 one is too much

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I don't knock people who are into collector item stuff but I am not, so I can say that it's not worth it to me!

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The Collector's edition has a better statue IMO

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thanks for the replies, I think I'll get it... I like the steampunk type theme and the collectables look cool, mainly that little book and blackwater vial. The steel book and soundtrack kind of put it over the top for me, so I'll get it. I miss the RE horror games, so maybe this will be a type of shooter horror hybrid that I'll enjoy.

@vincent380, yeah I'm interested in making a custom set of bookends, so I need to get the actual dimensions of both statues and maybe get both and mount them on a heavy base material. The more I analyze the statue I realize it's poorly conceived, when viewing the main character you see the backside of the creature, a better design would be having the creature facing the opposite side... so it's;


soundtrack-worth about $15 or less

book with secret compartment and black water vial-worth $20 or so


DLC-$10 my estimated values

steelbook-an extra $10


so that's around $145-$160 range

I think it's priced about right

... I do kind of agree with most of you all that are against the high price, for that much it should come with a replica of one of the cool weapons with moving parts etc. I'll have to revise my opinion as more gameplay details are made available.