The Last of Us help *spoilers*

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#1 Posted by pickettsticket (179 posts) -

I have got to the part where you are in the hotel lobby section and just fell down the elevator shaft to the basement, I walked about and found a generator, made sure nothing was around by doing the listening mode, then i went to turn on the generator, and i just got butt raped by like 5 clickers.

Now i have no idea what i am doing and am bhitting sricks going into it. Without game spoilers what should i do?

#2 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

Took me a couple tries but I just ran for it, I didnt fight or try to sneak. Before you start the generator find the right path through the narrow hallway with all the spores growing on it, the door you need to get through is beyond it.

Just keyword search like generator by hitting ctrl+F and youll find directions.

#3 Posted by Jakesta7 (2419 posts) -

Yeah, you just gotta run for it. Exciting game. Maybe try some molotovs or the bomb things.

#4 Posted by pickettsticket (179 posts) -

Now i am getting to the top level, and dying continously trying to find a keycard. The one time i found it i got lost and surrounded by clickers

#5 Posted by pickettsticket (179 posts) -

So I have just got the keycard and it seems to set of an automatic horde that knows where you are.

Do i now have to go down to generator, start it up making sure i dont die, then go back upstairs and through the hall of dead bodies and spores?

#6 Posted by shellcase86 (1934 posts) -

Bombs and molotovs, buddy. Just take out 2 or 3 and RUN. Tip: anytime you enter a room or about to pick up something non-supply/ammo related, drop a bomb a few feet back from you. If an infected pops-up, make sure the bomb is between you two.

#7 Posted by MiguelNoche (173 posts) -

I had trouble at first also.  There's a ramp right beside the generator - find the door.

I made a couple of test runs from the generator to the door, so I knew the correct path.  Once I started the generator, I bolted up the ramp and ran down the

practiced path and never even saw a bloater.

#8 Posted by ez_moneymaker (1211 posts) -
I died. Then decided to find keycard first. No clickers came after me and im playing on survivor. Then I started the generator, and finally I sprinted to the door. I would just do a couple test runs until you find the direct path to the keycard door.