The Last Guardian E3 2013?

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so do any of y'all have any hope The Last Guardian will be shown at E3 2013? i personally think if they dont show The Last Guardian at E3 2013 its Sony and Team Ico way of saying the game is so far into development hell there not much that can be done to fix it. i find this really sad sense Team Ico's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were really enjoyable
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I'm afraid we may have to accept its death. The biggest hope we can have for it is that they move it to the PS4, because if they don't I'm afraid it will never see the light of day. Granted that may be for the best, games don't usually transition development very well between generations.

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I still think it's coming. Watch them open with it at E3. That would be rad.

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I still believe it's coming and i have heard from sources a few months back that it had just been moved to the ps4.

I believe they had a hard time getting it right with the limitations of the hardware this gen and i truly believe that they made a game just to epic for what the console can do and moved it onto ps4. Crazy to think team ico haven't actually made anything this gen, thats a long time, but i've had no word or nothing that the company has gone under or anything so something is happening. thewre not like a company what have a few games on the go so will see. 

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sorry for the re-comment but have a look at this

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Sony said they were assigning extra people to work on it, so I sort of expect them to come out with something...sometime :)  I guess this E3 might be as good a time as any as it will kind of lose its significance if they release it on PS3 a year after the PS4 comes out.

I can't imagine any reason for Sony to keep Team Ico in existence after this 7 year debacle finally reaches its conclusion.

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gameinformer just posted the old E3 trailer on their youtube channel?

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Don´t count with it, The Last Guardian its as dead as Xbox One fan base. :lol:

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I would much rather see it than anything involving Killzone or Resistance.

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sorry for the re-comment but have a look at this

i really hope this is real dont have much faith in it though
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I would say that we will see a Team Ico game at E3 for PS4, Shouhei Yoshida said that the game still existed quite awhile ago.  Sony also has gotten it big fall releases for PS3 out of the way.  A Team Ico game has not been amongst any of them, so I would say that The Last Guardian or whatever the game has become will be available on PS4. 

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Believe it when I see it come out. 

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I hope they release this game someday, team ICO is amazing
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I am sure that it will be at E3.
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Yeah, if it ain't announced at this upcoming E3 then I've lost all hope.