The Hero Trap (PS Vita)

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"The Hero Trap is a frenetic, roguelike dungeon-crawler. A glorious treasure has been promised, but all who’ve sought to attain it have found only death. But you have a plan! You can gather the souls of great warriors past, who’ve failed where you now seek success, to aid you on your epic quest. These heroes are strong, but not invincible--their spirit energy can only withstand so much punishment before returning back to the ethereal ooze." (Quoted from the game's Kickstarter page.)

Looks promising!

*The project reached its goal last night on Kickstarter.

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This looks great. Would love to get this for my Vita.

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@Lhomity said:

This looks great. Would love to get this for my Vita.

Yes, I would like to give it a go, too.

There are more interesting game projects on Kickstarter, such as; Pixel Noir and MechRunner, if you want to check out.

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That looks pretty damn awesome. Vita is starting to acquire a very nice collection of games. Can't decide if I want to play as the bear or the ninja.

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Looks very good. Chalk that up as another great title coming to a Vita near you. The little handheld that could is certainly stepping it up a bit this year.

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That looked pretty damn good