The best place to buy PS3 games

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Hi guys!

I'm from Russia and i'm finally get the PS3. I've played in GTAV(great game) which i get with the system. But when i decided to buy some more games(i'm huge JRPG fan) i found out that buying games for PS3 is a big problem. It isn't hard to get more popular games like COD or God of War etc. cause they sell them everywhere. But when you want to get let's say Ni No Kuni (the reason why i've got PS3) you discover that it's nearly impossible. There-s why:

1) PSN store. I failed to add my credit card to the account. Both of them. The store just says that my card information is incorrect and that's all. It isn't.

2) Ebay. Pay-fucking-pal. It just keep saying that it can't proceed my payment. No explanation. The support failed to explain.

3) Amazon. Sweet amazon. Everything is ok, except this store just take 30 bucks for delivery. More than the game price.

So, i need help. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy PS3 games except these 3 choices?

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For option 1 - contact SonyEntertainmentNetwork

For option 2 - contact pay pal or ebay - most likely paypal and get them to try and resolve the issue.

For option 3 - which amazon are you using ? Amazon Global for outside US shipping only charges $14.95 for international shipping - dont forget your duty/import tax for your country. Also would the Amazon shipping be cheaper ?

No local game stores in Russia ?

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@Carl_W21: hi. 1) sony says that the problem is on the bank side. Banks say that it is sony's fault. They're just tossing the issue. No problem solving whatsoever. After a week i just left it unsolved. It's a common problem. Not just me but lots of gamers around the globe.

2) I have also spent 3 days chatting with paypal support. They just kept sending me copy-pasted text they send everyone with simple instructions. I did everything 3 or 4 times with no result. They say it's because of their super security system and they can do nothing on their side to help me. That's it. Also a common problem with no solution.

3) as for the amazon, the selection of games available for russia, i mean deliverywise, is very poor. The delivery cost may be low but the item price high or vice-versa. But at least they are able to take the money.

It's not that i just bumped into problems and came here to whine. I just hoped that there is some magic e-shop where selection of games would be great and prices would be reasonable and just visa card would be enough to pay. Some happy place with no evil.

We have local stores here of course. But the selection is very very poor. And rather expencive because of localisation.

P.s. Sorry for grammar/spelling. I'm not used to write in eng(

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Hmm seems your in a real tricky situation, only thing I can think of is someone you trust in US or maybe UK or rest of Europe that can buy them and ship them to you ?

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@Carl_W21: Well, after some investigation, i found out that it's actually possible to find decent prices on amazon. So i ordered Ni No Kuni adn BlazzBlue! Yay!

But may be there is anything else just in case of widening selection?

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Now, I learn that living in Turkey as a gamer is just OK. I've never had a problem buying or selling games in my life. I recently sold my Silent Hill: Homecoming game, that I bought for about 10$ to someone for about 20$. That game's horrible, by the way.

Yet, the best place to buy games is always the PlayStation Store for me. Most of the time, I cannot find games cheaper elsewhere.

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Have you ever considered moving? Perhaps to an area with a game store/import store?