The 5 best PS Vita games so far

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#1 Posted by Don_Other (44 posts) -

According to I LOVE Metal Gear but I don't think I'd put it on the list; it's just so incomplete without Peace Walker. What do you guys think? You can see the top 5 here.

Here?s five of what we believe are the best PS Vita games available for the platform since launch. If you're thinking of picking up Sony's new handheld, then these are a must-have.

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  1. Gravity Rush
  2. Wipeout 2048
  3. Lumines: Electronic Symphony
  4. Super Stardust Delta
  5. Mortal Kombat

^That's what I'd put. I'm only really leaving out one game of my library, but they're all actually great titles. PSU's picks aren't bad though. Uncharted would probably make my top 5 once I get around to it, and it's hard to argue against Metal Gear Solid and Rayman Origins even if they're ports.

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Trading in a ps360 next week and getting a vita.....and those list will be pretty much all my first games :D tnx guys

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Uh.. uh... 1. Gravity Rush 2. Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack 3. Wipeout 2048 + dlc 4. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention 5. Rayman Origins Admittedly, these are the only 5 Vita games I have played through so far, but I think they have all been quite good. I think I need to pick up Mortal Kombat. Resistance: Burning Skies is listed as an honorable mention. I only played part of it, but I thought it was pretty bad, so I wouldn't include that.
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1. Motorstorm RC

2. Gravity Rush

3. Super Stardust Delta

4. Wipeout 2048

5th spot is up for grabs, between Rayman Origins/Lumines/Hot Shots Golf/UMvC3

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considering I only got 5 games. can only pick them but to put them in order of my favorite to least.

  1. Gravity Rush
  2. Rayman : Origins
  3. Metal Gear Solid : HD Collection
  4. Uncharted : Golden Abyss
  5. Escape Plan

make no mistake, i really like all of those games. Escape Plan i do really dig in a puzzler perspective.

but Gravity Rush and Rayman are by far and away my favorites. I would say they are tied in my heart.

Rayman is personally my favorite 2D platformer this entire generation (more so then new super mario, and a little better then DK : Country Returns).

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From what Ive played so far IMHO:

1. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs attack (best game for the VITA, its 8 dollars and worth every penny)

2. Rayman: Origins

3. Super Stardust Delta (perfect fit for a handheld with the perfect touch/motion controls)

4. Uncharted: GA (if it had multiplayer and removed the bounties it would be top of the list, visually its in the top 2)

5. Unit 13 (tailor made for the handheld with great controls and graphics)

a few more just to add my opinion

6. Wipeout 2048 (best racer on the platform and probably will be unless N4S:Most Wanted 2 comes out with better gameplay)

7. MotorStorm (good racer and challenging, would be in the top 3 if it had competitive multiplayer)

8. Escape Plan (frustrating controls mare this otherwise good puzzler with charm, and thats even after the update)

9. Resistance: BS (really its not that bad. Its a decent shooter worth a rental/trade/borrow but not worth $40. Multiplayer is the shining star. In fact multi would be in the top 4/5 if they focused more on that)

10. Sumioni: Demon Arts (try the demo, it disappointed me on many levels except the art. LOVE THAT ART)

#8 Posted by philipi96 (129 posts) -

1. gravity rush

2. wipeout 2048 with dlc

3. mortal kombat

4. uncharted golden abyss

5. resistance burning skies (multiplayer sucks ass cheecks and everyone quit not worth 40 dollars)

#9 Posted by CBN16 (407 posts) -

I have played seven (not including demos or AR games), so here they are.

1. Gravity Rush (New and very artistic)

2. Wipeout 2048 (Awesome soundtrack and great racing)

3. Mortal Kombat (Always have been a fan and is a good port for extra prctice)

4. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Not a big Uncharted fan, but great visuals and Vita features)

5. ModNation Racers (Racing is not great, but I like the customization)

6. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Needs more variety and is overpriced)

7. Motorstorm: RC (It's not bad, considering it's free, but I have never liked air-view games except dungeon crawlers & GTA)

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I agree to most of that, but I'm not sure about Mortal Kombat. Wipeout with those newly added tracks could take that place :)
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I haven't played many games yet.. from the ones I have played: 1. Uncharted 2. Motorstorm: RC 3. Resistance 4. Touch My Katamari I have Metal Gear Solid Collection but haven't played it yet. I've enjoyed all the games I've played so far even though it isn't many.
#12 Posted by mjc (12643 posts) -

1. Uncharted
2. Gravity Rush
3. Resistance
4. Unit 13
5. Katamari

The PSP version of Peace Walker looks great and handles well on the Vita, so I don't mind that it's missing from the HD Collection.

#13 Posted by Hanzoadam (6576 posts) -

1- Gravity Rush
2- Disgaea 3 absence of Justice
3- Dynasty Warriorss
4- Ridge Racer
5- Dreamy C Club (only because all the other games I've played kinda suck)

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It's hard to choose but at this moment I have (only?) two types: Wipeout Uncharted Of course - it depends from what you need/expect from a game, but in general I think Wipeout will be a classic game (well, it is on PS) for PlayStation Vita.
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For me, personally: 1. Metal Gear Solid 2. Disgaea 3 3. Gravity Rush 4. Uncharted 5. Dynasty Warriors NEXT It isn't much of a list though, seeing how I only currently own 6 Vita games :P
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mine are these :

1 - Ninja Gaiden sigma plus

2- Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3

3- Metal Gear HD collection

4 - Shinobido and Dynasty warrios next

5 - Mortal Kombat

I dont understand why so far none of these titles are on other people lists...

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I dont understand why so far none of these titles are on other people lists...StriderKain

I would probably have those on mine if I had more. I think I am going to get Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors, and MGS.

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[QUOTE="StriderKain"]I dont understand why so far none of these titles are on other people lists...CBN16

I would probably have those on mine if I had more. I think I am going to get Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors, and MGS.

None of those are on my list cuz I have played them before. I went with games i havent played yet since im looking for more exclusives. Ill pick these games up when they are on sale and I have nothing left to play

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1. Metal Gear Collection 2. Rayman Origins 3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 4. Super Stardust Delta 5. Modnation Racers Road Trip