Tears of the savior? Oblivion

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Hey i'm at the tears of the savior quest in oblivion.  I've made it to the frostfire area where theres snow in the middle, and the guy is frozen in ice fighting one of those big ice dudes.  now what?  I tried shooting flames at it, hitting it with my sword, nothing seems to work.  nothing is on the map, nothing seems to be working right.  So what do i do?  I found the log that connects the 2 guys with the part of the land that doesnt freeze you, but even standing out on that rock doesnt seem to do anything....
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i have the 360 version and completed the quest (I'm assuming that both games are identical) and to complete this quest all you have to do is find the small frozen tear drops that are scattered around that frozen area.  they are small and very hard to locate since are the same color as the ice.  
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If you need some help this walkthrough should help
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wow crappiest mission in the game..........  thanks!!