System Configuration on PS2

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First of all let me appologyze since I'm posting on a PS3 forum, but I didn't find the PS2 forum. I can't access the System Configuration menu on PS2 console. All games play very well and i can access the browser menu, although the System Configuration Menu is disable.\r\nI want to change the TV signal to component instead of composite but without this option it's impossible. Anyone knows why?
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I think the right forum is legacy systems. Not completely sure.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't have any disc inside... when I turn on the console it goes to "Browser" and "System Configuration" menu. The Browser menu is enable and I can access, but the "System Configuration" option is grey just like it is disable and I cannot select it. If I press triangle to see the version options the only one I can select is the PS2 driver... I don't think this is normal.Is there a way to fix this... ? Thanks I did see the manual but didn't found any help
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No ideas?

Please help me... this is so frustating.

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It's been so long since I had a PS2 connected to my HDTV via a component cable but I think it selected the correct connection on it's own (could be wrong though)
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That's strange that the config menu would be grayed out. I searched the web for information on how to reset the console, but found nothing.

I did find a post where someone mentioned that the PS2 auto detects the cable in use, so that it will output in component mode whenever that type of cable is connected: .

I also remember that if you want to use progressive scan output (480p), you have to choose that option within each game's menu (for games that support it), it's not a PS2 setting.