Swapping Analog Sticks (Xbox 360 to PS3)

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Hey all, I sold my Xbox 360 a couple months ago to buy a PS3 because the 360 was mainly a FPS-console; I'm more of an RPG and Gran Turismo guy. Anyways, I really liked the Xbox 360 controller design, especially the analog sticks. I saw a video on youtube with a guy swapping the analog sticks from the 360 controller but he only got to the part of taking the sticks out from both and the video ended. Has anyone gone all the way through to make sure they work together?

Also, are the analog sticks on the Xbox controller swappable to the Xbox 360? If so, I can buy a broken Xbox controller cheaper than a broken 360 controller.

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PS3 analogs FTW ( just my Opinion) i dont like the 360 analogs anymore

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You should look up ben heck, he has made a tutorial of sticking the ps3 stuff inside the 360 controller.
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I like the ps3 controller, i grew up playing playstation and nintendo so it just feels right to me, the 360 controller is like the ps3 controller's retarted younger brother to me
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You should look up ben heck, he has made a tutorial of sticking the ps3 stuff inside the 360 controller.moshakirby
Yeah, this guy made it so that it was the 360 controller but was for the PS3, he swaapped the buttons and everything, which is something I would love because I personally find the 360 controller more comfortable. Since Im not that smart though, I will just stick with the controller I have now because I have the tendancy to take something apart and it never goes back together.
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Everyone's entitled to their opinions on what controller they like since that's a personal preference, but I'm asking if the analog sticks are interchangeable. I've looked at Ben Heck's stuff which is great, but I think it might be too much work swapping the PS3 internals into an Xbox 360 controller; dont' get me wrong, I like doing the tech stuff and soldering but I like the PS3 controller, just not the analog sticks on it. My fingers slip off easily in Gran Turismo during long sessions and that's why I like the 360 analog sticks much better.
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I acknowledge that this thread is quite old (found it through Google) but I thought I would add to it as opposed to starting a new one.

My situtation is thus....

Just got a PS3 and all I really got it for was FIFA09. I have been in to PES since the early nineties and have recently defected. Still feels like I'm cheating on a girlfriend. Anyways...

Playing FIFA09 at my buddies house on his 360 is about ten times easier than playing it on my PS3 and this is due to the damned analogue sticks on the Sixaxis. The domed/mushrommish shape of those things is driving me up the wall. Especially with sprint dribbling. Thumb slips off, due pauses with the ball, gets tackled and I go back to tearing my hair out. On the 360 no such scenario occurs due to the superior sticks on the pad.

My options are something like:

1) Bastardise a Sixas and attempt to use 360 pad sticks in that. Potentially quite expensive.

2) Do some Linux stuff that allows a 360 pad emulator to be used (does it? I don't know really)

3) Try a Logic3 pad I have seen that seems to have the analogue sticks I am looking for, although the controller itself looks very, very naff in every other department.

Any genuine advice, on any level, would be vastly appreciated. Thanks.

Ian. R*Games.

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I don't mind the DS3's analog sticks. My problem is with the triggers.
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360 controller is like a dreamcast controller which sucks. To be honest the ps controller is probably the best out there.mvlbr
Dreamcast controller > All others
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err.. lol.
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I don't mind the DS3's analog sticks. My problem is with the triggers.Canvas_Of_Flesh
The triggers can be fixed with a $5 pair of triggers from amazon. They fit right on the controller and apparently work very well. I'm tempted to pick a pair myself. As for the stick issue, I'm not really sure what to say. There are other 3rd party controllers out there for the PS3 that are designed for those who have issues with the current sticks, but I think they're more for configuration issues than the feel of the sticks themselves. As far as I know there isn't any way to mod a 360 controller with a PS3. It would require more than just Linux programming, as the 360 controller uses proprietary wireless tech and the PS3 controller uses bluetooth. You could try changing the sticks out, but I doubt they'd fit securely and I'm sure you'd do nothing but ruin two perfectly good controllers. Your best bet is to simply get used to it. I know I've had similar issues while playing Warhawk, but I can feel when my thumb is slipping and readjust as needed. I've never really had an issue of my thumbs slipping off outright.