Story and character driven PS3 games, anyone?

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New to this forum, so first of all, hello everyone!

I have a problem: I've been getting more and more picky about games to play. It disturbs me that many games are either too action heavy, technically too flawed, visually not-so-good or most of all: very weak in story. Most of times theres more than one of these problems present simultaneously. What I like is a deeply involving story with believable characters that I can relate to. Also, the kind of freedom with character building and more or less open worlds that RPG's (often with either medieval, scifi, post apocalyptic or in some other ways otherworldly elements) offer interest me.

For example, in Mass Effect 1 I really enjoyed the carefully crafted universe and consistent story, the calm moments between missions when I could go and get to know the crew members and develop genuine interest in their well being, and good looking cutscenes which carried the story deeper and deeper. The sequels grew more action oriented and -in my opinion- had more shallow characters, but they were still good games anyway. With Elder Scrolls Morrowind I got so into the epic story of reincarnated Nerevar that I felt really empty when the game ended. Ni no Kuni captured my interest immediately with its more innocent and kind way of presenting its world and characters and I eventually fell totally in love with the game.

Other great experiences include The Longest Journey (I also loved the puzzles along everything else), The Last of Us, Journey and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which being played when I was a child, was probably the most important gaming experience I've ever had. Some other good but maybe more flawed (just in my opinion, not meaning to offend anyone thinking differently : ) games I've played were for example Uncharted, Catherine, Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Age 1 & 2, Fallout 3 and Skyrim. The Walking Dead episodes (now playing episode 3) are also interesting, but the gameplay and the way story is carried forward feels quite clumsy, and I feel it's too easy to kind of "see behind the curtains". What I mean is I feel it's too obvious what happens when I do this and that, and the game mechanics kind of show through too much.

Have I ran out of good PS3 games already or have I missed something really worth playing? I'd really appreciate all advices. Thanks a lot!

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The Last Of Us has a great story and characters, I'd highly recommend it! Or if you want another RPG then you could give Tales Of Xillia a try!

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Red Dead Redemption. A great story driven game with an unforgettable lead character.

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Here are some recommendations that I think would fit your taste:

- Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Great story and characters (you do not need Deus Ex experience at all), not very in-your-face action heavy, a ton of choice as to how you want to tackle a mission, a lot of clever free-roaming in the few hub worlds, great sense of lore that you can read up on (very interesting world)

- Heavy Rain - This is a very different video game and is known to be divisive due to its lack of actual gameplay. It's more so an interactive drama that allows you to play four different characters all connected to a series of child kidnappings. Great story and characters, one unforgettable experience.

- L.A. Noire - It's not at all like GTA. Some think that's a bad thing, I think that it's a great thing (I dislike the pace and humor GTA packs). You play as a detective in 1940s L.A. where you solve various crimes. There are plenty of action-packed shootouts and whatnot, but a lot of the game consists of driving around in the beautifully detailed and authentic open world and interacting in investigations. It's not at all a 'bro' game where you shoot constantly and I like that.

- The Last of Us - Do not miss this game. Great characters and great story. Very different from Uncharted.

- Spec Ops: The Line - While it is branded as a military shooter, it is much more that that when you really soak in the dark and haunting story. Worth a look.

I hope I helped. None of these games are action heavy and they all have "down times" where you can really appreciate the world and the characters. They all have fantastic stories and interesting characters.

Edit: How did I forget Red Dead Redemption? My favorite game. Again, it's a Rockstar game that is not GTA. You play as a former outlaw cowboy who has to track down his old gang members for the government, who is more or less blackmailing him. The Wild West open world is jaw dropping. There is so much stuff to do and the scenery is beautiful. You have the choice to be a badass outlaw who robs banks and shoots up towns or you can be a 'savior' figure and track down bounties and help strangers. I haven't played a PS3 games that is better than Red Dead Redemption. It is a must play. There is also a lot of downtime where you can just explore the West and take it all in, maybe do some reflecting.

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Ni No Kuni

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I like a game with a good story too. I'll give you some good game stories.

Dues Ex HR, No Ni Kuni, Red Dead Redemption, Last of Us, Dragon Age Origins, Nier.

Altho these other games may be lacking a deeper story, I found them very enjoyable - Darksiders 1 and 2, Rage Anarchy Edition, Far Cry 3/Blood Dragon.

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Tales of Xillia came to mind immediately.

Or, if you have a wii, get Xenoblade, it's the best RPG of last generation IMO.

Oh! Almost forgot. In February they are releasing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on PS3. It's an HD remake of the GameCube/PS2 classic. One of my favorite RPGs ever!

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ni no kuni redemption last of us tomb raider tales of xilia

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I think The Last of Us, is awesome.

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You might like Nier. The characters are a lot of fun, and the story is full of both humor and sadness. The gameplay can get repetitive from killing enemies over and over again, and it's not that challenging, at least on normal difficulty. Side quests seem useless, but some of them do open up new dialogue moments between characters, enhancing the story. But the game does have one of the most beautifully depressing stories I have ever seen in a videogame. It is depressing, don't get if you want a happy ending. I just like it because it is not cliché.

The story has a pretty big backstory you wont fully understand once you complete the game. It relates to a game on the ps2 called Drakengard that I really want to play.

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I have the same taste as you it sounds but not quite as picky. I loved far cry 3 because of it's balance between gameplay and plot development. There are not to many choices to be made however but the combat is dynamic and offers plenty of ways to approach each mission. I started off hating the protagonist but the more you play the more he gains my respect. It still stands as one of my favorite games from this generation.