Sports games for PS4.

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SO being that NCAA and EA have finally separated and no longer claim exclusivity, will there be a new franchise of NCAA football games? I'm surprised I haven't seen much news about NCAA or NFL football games. I'm excited for the new MLB The Show game. I'm excited for a new NHL game for the PS4. What are you guys excited about? Can anyone shed light on the college football aspect?

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Like you, I'm absolutely stoked about MLB 14 The Show. They haven't produced a bad one yet and 14 for the PS4 looks amazing.

As far as any new college football franchises are concerned, while it would be cool to see EA finally get some competition and force them to make more than their customary 2-3 "improvements" per year, I don't think we'll see a new franchise pop up this year. Then again, it's still early.

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When it comes to sports, i don't buy anything related to EA

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Fifa 15 even though its coming out in like 7 months.

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I am looking forward to FIFA 15. FIFA 14, although a good game on some accounts, is so buggy, broken, and at times, unplayable.
Some things are very OP, the AI is bizarre, the things they talked about implementing aren't implemented, the PRO CLUBS needs some major adjustments (I want to see my team mates custom faces!!! Also, I want to create my own jerseys).

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I think PES 15 is going to look amazing on the Fox engine

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nba 2k14 and fifa 2014