Sony wrongfully banned me...I want revenge

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#51 Posted by ez_moneymaker (1211 posts) -

[QUOTE="stonecold000"]so f*** all of you who were retarded enough to think Sony never makes mistakes. I hope you die23Jarek23


LOL what a twat. 

Yeah. I was hoping he would jump ship and just go buy that other console. Sad day for us ps3 owners to deal with one more immature kid.
#52 Posted by thetruegamer40 (7 posts) -
I've just been wrongfully banned from psn for life cutting me off from a 6 year old account with hundreds of euro worth of content. I've never hacked my ps3 nor used software like xploder yet Sony says I have and there's no appeal and no way to overturn it which makes me sick. I'm sure they don't care about one guy complaining but I want to get revenge that will make me personally satisfied, I was thinking of selling everything I own with a PlayStation logo, buy a 360 and nothing buy first party ms games but that doesn't feel enough...any ideas? stonecold000
yeah yeah.... i've met a guy like this before on psn
#53 Posted by Oil_Rope_Bombs (2671 posts) -
Go egg Kaz's house. That'll show 'em!
#54 Posted by firefox59 (4469 posts) -
Go egg Kaz's house. That'll show 'em!Oil_Rope_Bombs
I agree with this statement completely.
#55 Posted by 1123213 (4 posts) - Another hacker bites the dust.
#56 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6958 posts) -

There's always a reason, and deep down you probably know. I couldn't care less if you get a 360 and side with Micro$oft, nor do Sony, because we all know that you're worse off with Micro$oft

#57 Posted by shadow_Metroid (1633 posts) -

Sell everything with a playstation logo and buy a 360.

#58 Posted by Zen_Light (1579 posts) - Another hacker bites the dust. 1123213
So he lied about having his ban lifted? Surprise, surprise.

#59 Posted by getyeryayasout (8190 posts) -
Sucks but I think you'll just have to eat it. You would have to pay a lawyer more than it's worth to try and fight it, and Sony's ass is already covered with their EULA. Personally I would call customer service everyday, making sure to get and keep the case#. Squeeky wheel gets the grease and all that. Do not bluff and threaten litigation, as Sony will probably stop communicating with you at that point.
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thanks ltet me see
#61 Posted by StealthMonkey4 (7043 posts) -

If you really didn't do somethign wrong, then call Sony up and ask them why they banned you and if you can get it overturned. 

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If you really didn't do somethign wrong, then call Sony up and ask them why they banned you and if you can get it overturned.


And if that doesn't help, and you're indeed legitimatly innocent, go to court. Chances, if you're saying the truth are 100 % you'll get your account back, maybe even before it even comes to court because Sony didn't want to have bad press about stuff like this.

That's all WE can say and do here to help you.

#63 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -
OMG people STOP REPLYING. He lied.
#64 Posted by XxAK47xX (4730 posts) -

Yer a badass criminal. Here's a cookie. Crush it up and snort it. Obviously, you did something wrong. If you feel you're completely innocent, get a LAWYER. Dink. We don't care, nor can we help you. I have no sympathy. There's dirt on your hands, mud in your drawers, and SH** on yer shoes... I can smell from here that you're lying, and given the prevailing winds over the Atlantic ocean, that's a stanky stank.




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You ought to be sterilized publicly with a dull spoon. Now, shuffle off to wherever you buy M$ crap, buy your 360, pay for your online gaming, and stop CRYING.


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