Sony teases a PocketStation announcement for Nov-5

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No, you did not misread the title. Yes, it does actually say PocketStation. I know, I can barely believe it either!

A rather obscure new video has appeared on Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's official YouTube channel, playstationjp. The video features a young reporter speaking with a man about a mysterious white truck that has been sighted around the city. Suddenly, the truck passes by and the two give chase after it.

The video also features Japanese PlayStation mascot, Toro. At the end of the video, Toro places a sign that declares a PocketStation announcement will be made on the 5th of November, 2013.

The PocketStation was basically a special type of memory card for the original PlayStation console. It featured a small LCD screen and 5 buttons. PlayStation titles enabled with PocketStation features could allow you to play simple mini-games on the PocketStation. The PocketStation sold 5 million units before being discontinued in 2002.

Although the PocketStation was never released outside of Japan, I did manage to import one and put it to use with Final Fantasy VIII; which included a mini-game involving a Chocobo, roaming around to collect items and engage in battles. Collected items could be imported in to Final Fantasy VIII. This included some rare items, as well as some that (to the best of my knowledge) exclusive to the PocketStation mini-game.

Video below:

謎のトラックを追え!! (Chase the truck of Mystery!!)

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Sounds interesting, but it looks like the video was pulled??