Some help in TLOU please?

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I'm at a part where you are yet again waiting for something to happen while a wave of enemies comes at you.

Problem is it quick saved before the wave attacked. I only have about five bullets and a melee weapon. I simply don't see how I can defeat them. I simply don't have enough bullets or attacks to pull it off. And now I'm trapped at this quick save.

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can you load up the chapter again?

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@drekula2: I'm not sure. It says load but the only save is the quick save which I am at currently. But I can't see anywhere that says reload chapter specifically. I don't think TLOU has chapters as such it is just one large chunk.

I really hope I don't have to start again. I hate replaying stuff I've already done. And considering I'm half way through I'm quite a way into it.

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can you put which part it is in spoilers? there might be something specific to the level.

you might just be stuck though. i got stuck in my second play through because a key didn't spawn.

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If I recall correctly, there are chapters and sub-chapters. So you shouldn't have to start back too far if you load up the most recent one. But you really don't have anything to heal yourself? No melee weapon? Enemies will sometimes drop ammo, so just carefully use your shots to kill maybe 2 or 3 enemies, and they might drop something. If not, then go hand-to-hand. I can't think of many parts in the game where it will just start you off with enemies running directly at you. I mean, you should be able to stealth to begin with. I don't remember it ever leaving me in bad situations.