So what did you buy during the PSN flash sale?

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I bought Braid, Gex 2, Spryo 2, and Stardust HD.

Also, I share PSN downloads with my little brother with his account (since you can download your PSN purchases on up to, like, five PS3s), and he downloaded Crash 1, 2, and CTR (we already had Crash 2), and Spyro 3.

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I just got Retro City Rampage I had pretty much everything else that interested me. It was a good sale though.

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nothing cause no sales in UK.

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I got the Telltale games. Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Sam and Max, and Secrets from Monkey Island. I also got Tokyo Jungle - it looks kinda funny, at least! I'm hoping it's a silly, but entertaining game.

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Picked up:

When Vikings Attack

Tales of Monkey Island

Sam and Max (since I love Poker Night 2)

Back to the Future


Tokyo Jungle

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There was a flash sale?!

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I picked up Back to the future series and Jurassic park series.

I didn't want buy too many games because I have a huge backlog and I told myself to finish those before getting new games. Gamer problems.