So 'Playstation Network' is now officially 'PSN'...

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I finally got around to installing the latest system update, but I couldn't help noticing that one of the changes in this update was that the Playstation Network is now changed to read as 'PSN' on the system.

I just want to take a moment to reflect on how odd that is.

Sure, we call it PSN, especially when we write or type it out.  And I get that people like short, catchy terms to describe stuff.  But does it really need to be simplified everywhere now?

Some poor fool is probably gonna come along and get a PS4 one day and be all like, "PSN?  What's PSN?  Aw $%@#!, you mean to tell me there's a new Playstation system coming out already?" Lol.  Not only that, it just seemed...  Idk, a little more professional to explain what those three letters stand for on the system.

It kind of reminds me of how Mountain Dew changed their logo to read "Mt. Dew".  I am shocked that people still read it as "mountain" when they say the name aloud, so I guess not all hope is lost.  I just dread the day when some kid can't explain what PSN stands for.  If someone asks they'll say, "It's... You know, that online thing for the Pee-Ess-Four.  It lets you play games with people if you pay for it every month.  And you get free games with it.  That thing."

Anyone else sharing in my thoughts?  XD

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Didn't even notice it. I didn't even know it was spelled out prior, but I guess it seems odd looking at it now. I don't think it will cause any problems, especially when one signs up for it. I'm sure it'll be obvious that Playstation Network = PSN. Then again, I think our accounts are actually called "SEN" accounts or something for Sony Entertainment Network, so that may cause a little confusion. Overall I don't think it's a big deal, you're over thinking it :P
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Wait, so what happened to SEN? They dropped that as well?
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Wait, so what happened to SEN? They dropped that as well?Articuno76
Nah, PSN is a part of SEN.
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No idea why they would change it, but it makes no difference really.

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I noticed it in the firmware update release notes.
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Kids will get it. They abbreviate everything anyways. How do you say mountain dew? M- T Dew?
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Lol. Rofl. LMAO. :P Gotta abbreviate everything nowadays xD. 

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@ez_moneymaker said:
Kids will get it. They abbreviate everything anyways. How do you say mountain dew? M- T Dew?

I apologize for bumping this thread just to respond... Anyway, I read it as Mountain Dew because that's what I've always called it, but I can see younger people calling it "Mount" Dew, like the literal abbreviation "Mt."

I guess it doesn't really matter, but that's just an example I always come back to.

On a similar not, another thing that bugs me for some reason is... Not so much an abbreviation as it is a shortening of a word: "thru". Usually you'll see it on drive-thrus and thruways on the highway. I guess that one bugs me so much because I was always taught to spell the word "through".

I swear, I can see why the English must cringe when we Americans talk and spell stuff.

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I thought something was different about that, i was like "hmmm, have you changed or did you always look like that O.o"