So I'm new to playstation and have some questions and help

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I've been more on xbox then playstation the past few years but this year I got the ps3 grand theft bundle I've never owned a ps3 but I got a few games along with it also and a pulse elite wirless headset, so far I've got battlefield 4, grand theft auto five, FF realms reborn, defiance, transformers cybertron, metal gear 4, Ni no kuni and white knight chronicles 4. I'd like to know if there anymore worth while games to play that's more entitled to this system I've seen some games like tales of grace f and such but wondered how they played and if they're worth the hefty price tag.

I also have another question but can't seem to get much of an answer back from playstation/ or from forms on there end about how to properly use the elitle wirless headset I bought, it seems to work fine if I'm not playing or if it's at a pause menu but for example when I get to playing grand theft and get into heavly populated areas or areas that seem to be loading it starts to cut out the music and then just disconnects all together. Is this a common issue with the head set? Is there any way to fix this?

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games you should own: the uncharted series, the last of us, heavy rain, and littlebigplanet among others. I don't have the headset so I can't help you there

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might be wireless interference with another electronic devices if you have a laptop or a tablet in the general area try moving them to another room and see if that helps

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@AJC3317: Have to second the Unchartered advice. Did not seem like my type of game, and did not play 1. drakes fortune, but after hearing so much about #2 Amongst thieves and seeing it on sale I i gave it a try. That and 3 Drakes deception are must plays. Amazing series and Playstation must plays.

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I highly recommend inFamous 1 & 2. You can get the collection for a good price. inFamous 1 isn't the prettiest game, but it's a personal favorite as well as the second game. Plus, inFamous: Second Son is coming out for PS4 soon. You need the first two games to really appreciate Second Son.

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try atelier series there niche but if you like jrpgs atleast give them a shot

lego marvel super heroes for a kids game its damm fun and at times really challenging and theres loads of characters to unlock in it ^^

rayman legends:if you want a more challenging platformer for ure ps3 rayman legends ha just the right amount of challenge to be enjoyable for any age ^^

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@shadzeo: I have the pulse elite and love it only not the short battery life 5-7 hrs. U may need to go online and update the headset isn't it conks out on u. It's those preset sounds for games and music menu u can set for different type of acoustics.of course the battery want be used if u plug in the headset to the ps4 controller or a laptop b it I don't think the sourround sound will function. The pulse vibration function also isn't used with direct plug in which the vibration is like the dual shock.